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Can Satan Understand When We Pray in Tongues?

eeis_03_img1120I frequently get questions from people who are using our materials. Here is one I have received more than once.


I have been teaching from your curriculum Our Amazing God.  Very good material. Yesterday I taught the lesson that included the story about theNavajo wind talkers in World War II.  My coworker questioned me after church was over.  Her question was:  “How can I prove that the enemy cannot understand or interfere when we pray in tongues?”  Daniel’s prayer was intercepted by the enemy, but I don’t know how to prove he cannot understand or interfere with what we are praying in tongues.  Could you help me find the answer to this question. Thank you.

Child Evangelism Fellowship Called ‘Psychologically Harmful To Children’

smallJust three months ago, I told you about a new frightening trend in an article called “Teaching Kids About God is Child Abuse.” In it I outlined that this is becoming the new mantra of the atheist-left. I warned that we as Christians need to be on alert and watch for this mindset to increase. (Read the Article here.)

I didn’t realize danger would increase so quickly to the general public. Just last week an article came out online website called “Christian Today” with the headline “CHILDREN’S CHRISTIAN MINISTRY CALLED ‘PSYCHOLOGICALLY HARMFUL TO CHILDREN‘.” It seems the well-known Christian nonprofit, Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF), is facing opposition in Portland, OR as it seeks to bring youth to Christ.

According to Christian Today, the group’s “Good News Club” is being called “psychologically harmful to children” by a newly formed coalition – Protect Portland Children. Not only that, but Christian ministries like Operation Christmas Child are seen as evil because they supposedly “bribe” children to convert to Christianity by giving them gifts. (Have you ever filled a shoe-box with toys for a needy child and tucked a Christian tract on the inside? Shame on you!) (To finish the article, click here.)


David Walters.docxKids Don’t Have a Junior Holy Spirit

We’ve got to stop giving parents the impression that we have a wonderful church where we have free child care where they can come and dump their children into children’s church, dump their teens into teen church, so they can enjoy the meeting. And they are hoping that will do the job they should be doing. So when they go home, nothing goes on spiritually. ~ David Walters

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Children do not have a junior Holy Spirit”? In this episode of Raising Supernatural Kids, we are talking with the man who coined that phrase almost 40 years ago, David Walters.

David was one of the “founding fathers” in this revival movement among children. He was the first real voice crying in the wilderness as an advocate for children being trained to be used by God. His battle cry coined decades ago quoted by thousands around the world is, “Children do not have a junior Holy spirit. Listen now to David Walters on the radio blog Raising Supernatural Children.


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