Protecting Kids From Sexual Abuse in Churches

canstockphoto19828407This is a MUST READ by every parent, church leader, and children’s ministry leader and volunteer. It is excellent insight and advice from Pastor Mark Harper. He writes:

“Last week a local Fox News Channel aired a story that hit a little too close to home. The story is titled “Child Porn Investigation: His Charisma Can Fool You”.It’s about a family who are members of my former church and a 14-year old girl that was stalked by a pedophile.

The really scary thing is this man was not some stranger, but a fellow staff member. He was a really nice guy.

Before you start thinking that could never happen at your church, don’t kid yourself. A few months ago there was a children’s pastor arrested at another influential church in Twin Cities for a propositioning kids on the Internet. In my opinion this problem is only going to get worse and most of our churches are not prepared.

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Romanian Child Escapes Communism and Prays for America

Delia CrisanIf you have never seen this video, you owe it to yourself to watch. I’ve showed it for years in my ministry travels. The little girl and her family were Romanian immigrants who escaped persecution by Communists and were being interviewed by the 700 Club. Pat asked the little girl to pray. Her prayer will blow your socks off. This was taken back in the 1980s when Reagan was President but is still relevant today. The prayer packs power, especially from a child.

I have often wondered whatever happened to this little girl, Delia Crisan. I’ve searched on the internet and asked questions but she disappeared off the planet until this week. I have this video posted on our YouTube page, and her father Paul Crisan saw it and emailed me. He wrote:

“After revolution in 1990 I came back in Romania having a lot of crusades with many pastors from USA. Also my family and my daughter Delia was here. Delia returned to the USA to finish school. She is married and she lives in Arizona with her husband and their 4 beautiful children. She still loves Jesus with the same passion as when she was a little girl.

“I am so happy you put the video with my daughter Delia to encourage other young people and adults as well, because I believe the prayers only can bring the revival in the nation. I’m praying for your ministry and please pray for us too because working with orphan children is not an easy work.”

As we have said for years, children who have powerful experiences with God while they are young statistically continue their passion for God throughout their lives. Let’s quit playing games with our kids, and without apology show them the real Power of the Jesus they serve! View the video by clicking here.


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Child Evangelism Fellowship Called ‘Psychologically Harmful To Children’

smallJust three months ago, I told you about a new frightening trend in an article called “Teaching Kids About God is Child Abuse.” In it I outlined that this is becoming the new mantra of the atheist-left. I warned that we as Christians need to be on alert and watch for this mindset to increase. (Read the Article here.)

I didn’t realize danger would increase so quickly to the general public. Just last week an article came out online website called “Christian Today” with the headline “CHILDREN’S CHRISTIAN MINISTRY CALLED ‘PSYCHOLOGICALLY HARMFUL TO CHILDREN‘.” It seems the well-known Christian nonprofit, Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF), is facing opposition in Portland, OR as it seeks to bring youth to Christ.

According to Christian Today, the group’s “Good News Club” is being called “psychologically harmful to children” by a newly formed coalition – Protect Portland Children. Not only that, but Christian ministries like Operation Christmas Child are seen as evil because they supposedly “bribe” children to convert to Christianity by giving them gifts. (Have you ever filled a shoe-box with toys for a needy child and tucked a Christian tract on the inside? Shame on you!) (To finish the article, click here.)


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