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What We Sow We Will Reap 

10170778_10152113522757057_8556144427758157124_nWhatever we sow, that is the thing that we shall reap (Galatians 6:7): whatever we put into our children – a love of music, international travel experiences, unbridled ambition, a concern for the poor – it is very likely that this will profoundly shape their character. The things that we allow to surround our children will either reinforce or undermine our primary influence on the life of our children.

What are you surrounding your children with? What TV shows and movies do you allow them to watch? Books? Do you children spend more time involved in sports than they do with church and spiritual activities? What has captivated their hearts and holds their attention?

What do you desire above all else that your child be as a person when they become adults? Visit: Creating a Biblical Worldview in Your Children -http://kidsinministry.org/resources/more-stuff/biblical-worldview/

Children Who Cast Out Devils

uganda berylMany Christians have become comfortable with knowing children can prophecy and even heal the sick. But what about casting out demons? This is something most adults shy away from. The very thought of training children to do this seems irresponsible at best! But children are very capable of taking authority over demons when taught in age appropriate ways. But when trained in age appropriate ways, they can do anything God says they can. To read more, click here.

A Season of Suddenlies! 100 Days of Redefinement Prophetic Word

1483389_10202172663972574_1239524381_nThere’s a new video criss-crossing the internet by John Kilpatrick, former pastor during the Brownsville Revival called “100 Days of Redefinement Prophetic Word.” It is a time sensitive word that began March 1, 2014, and will end June 9th. So there’s only two months to go.

In this message, there are two key words used repeatedly: “redefinement” and “suddenlies.” What captured my attention for this ministry is our motto has from the beginning in Kids in Ministry International has been “Redefining Children’s Ministry in the 21st Century.”

More Suddenlies!

The second word,“suddenlies,” was used liberally ten to fifteen years ago in some Christian circles. So for it to resurface is interesting. There is a quickening sense on this word as one listens to the prophecy, and I believe that it is for anyone who will take it; personally, for their families, ministries, churches, or wherever the Spirit gives witness. Kilpatrick says we are in a “season of suddenlies!”  KIMI Ohio Director Alicia White was greatly impacted by this word, and heard God speak about this in regards to bringing children into revival. To read the entire article of both accounts and to see Kilpatrick’s prophecy, click here.



Jesus Camp. It’s a movie. It’s a book. It’s controversial. It’s legendary. It leaves no one feeling neutral. It was selected by Current TV as one of the top “50 Documentaries to See Before You Die.” But what really took place behind the cameras? 

This book will answers these questions and more including:

* Why did Becky allow the movie to be made in the first place? 
* Was it true she was raising up children as Christian jihadists? 
* What was behind the negative comments about Harry Potter? 
* What was in the controversial sermon on abortion that stirred the children up so emotionally? 
* What are Evangelical Christians really like? What do they believe? 
* Whatever happened to the featured children? Are they okay?

With Forward by Dr. Ted Baehr, Author, Syndicated Columnist, Media Pundit MOVIEGUIDE® www.movieguide.org Christian Film & Television Commission® “Becky Fischer shows in this book that what the producers may have intended for evil, God has used for good. JESUS CAMP: My Story is well worth reading.”

Produced in 2006, it is still being seen and impacting lives around the world. Download the book for free and find out the answers to these questions.

To purchase a hard copy click here. To purchase it on Kindle click here.


Almost 40 years ago Holy Spirit called me to “pray for the Daniel generation(s).” My 74th birthday is June 9th.  I was saved late – (30s), and had to wait before Him to even find out what one was.  God has been faithful over the years to keep me posted, impart, and manifest the beginnings of the changes in the children to come, over and over.

One day, (years ago) He said, “Susan, they’re of age!”  He was SO excited Becky.  I said, puzzled, “who, Lord?”.   “The DANIELS”.  I immediately said, “I’m not ready to go home,   I’m NOT, so tell me what I do now?”He replied, “They are 21 years old now. You start on the NEXT generation.”

When I stumbled onto what you have done a couple of years ago, I just wept.  I begged God to let me move wherever you were, and just be a part of this ministry.  God said, “No.”  I pouted for one day, Becky, then (per usual) said, “WHY?” What He said broke me into total tears of humble gratitude.  “You don’t need to Susan.  You have birthed this in prayer”

Love, Susan P., Vancouver, Wa.


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