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Did You Take Your Kids to Sunday School This Week?

How was it? Does your church have a really good children’s ministry program? How do you know? I mean really—–how do you know?

It’s a well known statistic that one of the top three things families looking for a new church home is the quality of the children’s ministry program. But the survey never asks the question, “What makes it a quality program?”
What makes your Sunday School a Quality Program?
We might guess–it’s own designated facility, well furnished and colorfully decorated with dynamic murals on the walls. Lively music. Plenty of teachers and […]

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What Are You Willing to Invest in Your Kids?

Do you see this family? Take a very close look. These people are Africans living in England. They came to our Kingdom of Light Conference two years ago (see photos of the KOL Conference). Their children were so spiritually changed for the better that the parents can still see the impact today. Because of this, these thankful parents decided to make a huge investment in the spiritual lives of their children. Once again this year, they have decided to journey to Bismarck, ND to take part in our family conference, “In Search of the Glory.” (For details click here.)
What […]

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God’s Glory Showed Up

A children’s minister can spend days and weeks in preparation for any type of conference for kids. But what makes it all worthwhile is when God shows up in His Glory. Our deepest desires came true last week at our first Kids and family conference of the season. After dozens of hours of preparing object lessons and visuals to teach children about the glory of God, it was in the evening services when they experienced Him for themselves.

We have an album of photos of this event for your viewing by clicking here. Below is just one example of the […]

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What is Radical Discipleship?

What does Radical Discipleship look like on our kids?
In our ministry we really zeroed in on creating opportunities for this generation to have incredible encounters with God. But according to the statistics, even some of the choicest Christian kids show little difference in conduct compared to their unsaved friends. It’s bad enough to hear this about the general population of Christian youth, but I began hearing very troubling reports about some of the young people who have been raised in a supernatural environment that are also succumbing to lifestyles at odds with their biblical upbringing—some we know can hear […]

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An Honest Look at Youth Ministry

We need to take an honest look at youth ministry. For the past three decades, youth ministry has exploded across America, accompanied by a rise in the number of degrees in youth ministry granted by colleges and seminaries, an abundance of books and other resources, and a network of cottage industries devoted solely to youth ministry.

Yet those same three decades have failed to produce a generation of young people who graduate from high school or leave youth groups ready to change the world for Christ.
Looking Good on the Annual Report
The overwhelming majority of the people who make professions of […]

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