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Evangelism is Coming Back!

Evangelism is Coming Back!
Recently Charisma magazine published a very encouraging article called “Evangelism is Coming Back!” It began by reporting about an apparent rise of salvations in colleges and universities across America. One campus minister stated that it is an unprecedented time of openness to share the gospel unlike anything he’d seen in twenty years.

No one is more excited than I am at the news young people are coming to the Lord. But I also balance that with statistics by Barna Research that state that children who are converted under the age of twelve are far more committed to […]

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They Just Don’t Get it! Rethinking Youth Ministry

THEY JUST DON’T GET IT! Rethinking Youth Ministry
There’s has been a massive new interest in the last few years among churches and pastors who are rethinking youth ministry. It has gotten much attention because of surveys by Barna Research Group that report as many as 70% of our Christian teens and college age kids are leaving the Christian church and never returning.

The statistics are grim. Other well-respected organizations besides Barna have taken similar polls all with the same dismal reports. They include America’s Research Group, in cooperation with Answers in Genesis, LifeWay working for the Southern Baptist Convention, The Nehemiah […]

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