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Mormon Kids More Spiritual Than Christians!

MORMON KIDS ARE MORE COMMITTED TO THEIR FAITH THAN CHRISTIAN KIDS. Out of all religious groups, Mormon teens show the highest levels of religious understanding, intensity, and consistency between their religious beliefs and how they practice and live out their faith. They are the least likely to engage in high-risk behavior and were consistently the […]

Do You Parent Like a Meerkat?

How Are You Like a Meerkat? Do you know what a “meerkat” is? I didn’t either till I read about it in a magazine this week. Meerkats live in Africa and are very social creatures. Meerkats know how to disciple their young. They have different job descriptions within the clan one of which are a group […]

Think Big in 2013!

  Think Big in 2013! I’ve never had a desire to have a “big” ministry for the sake of big. In times past my leaders and I have struggled about the importance of keeping numbers. We’ve never set numerical goals. I have always struggled with marrying goal-setting versus being led by the Spirit of God. We don’t […]