Teach Children to Use Banners in Worship

Brand New Teaching from Kids in Ministry International! Lynn Cross is a 15 year veteran as an anointed prophetic dancer using flags and banners. She is excellent at teaching children how to use them, even taking groups of them from camps to our nation’s capital. Lynn’s insight into the scriptures concerning banners, is simple yet profound and helps both children and adults understand their significance.

In this video you will see Lynn teach a group of children use banners in a live dance at the end of the session. You can also use these simple movements to teach your children. Check it out here!

1274539_10153231146395411_1124377303_oAfrican PowerClub Children Have No Fear!

“Our children have been empowered. One fact is, THEY HAVE NO FEAR OF WHAT MANY PEOPLE FEAR HERE. The major demonic operation here is what we call “juju”, the occultist practices. In the villages, there are god’s and men that scare the people. People even dare not mention their names. Reports from the field tell me that, even when Christian adults fear to preach against them (by mentioning their names), our children public pray and speak against them.

Read the full report from Pastor Francis Opoku.


canstockphoto11335031The Twelve Rules of Christmas

Tis the season for Christmas to be under attack in America. But….we should celebrate and thank all the places (public and private) where Christmas is still allowed. Have you had any positive experiences with Christmas in your child’s school? How about in your city? We should celebrate and thank every school and business who still honors Christmas. Don’t you think so? Also it’s time to refresh our minds of our children’s rights in the public schools in America. These 12 points were put together by the attorneys of the Rutherford Institute. See them here: The Twelve Rules of Christmas®

Millie Joy friend of Kimberly WolleyIs Your Child a Prophet in the Making?

Do you have a prophetic child? If so, they might be a prophet in the making. If your answer is yes, you have probably noticed, prophetic children can sometimes seem out of step with the rest of the world. They can also be very headstrong. So says Cindy Jacobs, head of Generals of Intercession in a recent article in SpiritLed Woman online magazine.

Cindy shares how parents can recognize the gift in their children, and how to parent such children. She says the have unusually higher “spiritual radar. Her advice includes teaching your kids about the spirit realm, encouraging them to intercede, teaching them the Word and their authority and security in Jesus Christ, and much more.

My take on this article is that it is very timely, as from what I have seen this is a generation of kids with heightened spiritual sensitivities. This makes it very important for parents to protect them from the false supernatural world around them via media of all types. You must be careful not to contaminate their gifts with counterfeit paranormal activities.

To read Cindy’s entire article, which is excellent, read more here. 

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We Have Now Reached $7,225!!!

Some of you have no idea what this is all about. But we have some key leaders in the Philippines that have been devastated by typhoon floods. They just keep coming in and coming in. A week or so ago, they wrote me to say they woke up in the middle of the night with the flood waters gushing into their house, and they had to wake up their children quickly. they ended up sititng on the kitchen chairs and table the rest of the night until sun up, when they were able to get outside.

merry christmasWe are trying to build them a new house that is high and dry. It will cost $10,000 altogether. Even though our ticker tape here only shows that we have taken in $4,225, in reality, one person sent in $2,000 to our office directly plus some smaller amounts, and a church in Asia has sent another $1,000 directly to the Anganas! This puts us over the $7,000 mark! Praise God!

It’s so important we help this family get out of the flood plane. They just had another flood last week, however, it was as bad this time as the last time. BUT, the weather forecast is that a really bad one is coming in the next week or two. So time is off the essence!

So let’s give the Angana’s a very Merry Christmas! Please help today if you can. Thanks for everything you do! We need prayer as much as anything to see this project completed.

To find out more,or to donate, click here.

To learn more about the Angana’s ministry in KIMI Philippines, click here.

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