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Boy Heals Mother Through Taking Communion

I love the stories that come from our KIMI leaders around the world. We have a brand new work that has been going for less than a year in the little country of Latvia. Our leader, Daina, recently sent me this testimony of a Gypsy family who all got born again. The children have been attending her PowerClub.

She wrote: “One day mother felt really ill. Her sons came in her room and realized that something is wrong. They both prayed for their mother. But she was feeling worth with every passing moment.

Their father was at work on that day. […]

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Little Girls Trapped in Little Boys’ Bodies

I watched the most troubling show on TV recently called Transgender Kids. It featured young children who were convinced they were the opposite sex. Several of the boys had became adamant at very early ages that they were girls and would have meltdowns becoming emotionally despondent if their parents referred to them and treated them as boys. The show said there are three times as many boys with “gender dysphoria” as girls.

This went on until the parents finally gave in, allowed them to dress as girls, began referring to them as “she” and “her,” and legally had their names changed […]

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Does Bruce/Caitlyn Attend your Children’s Ministry?

The first time eight-year-old “Diana” (name has been changed) walked into my children’s ministry she was literally wearing a boy’s brown three piece suit. I was later told by friends, who knew the family, it was boy’s clothing down to the underwear. Her parents had recently gotten born again, and immediately became faithful church attenders.

Week after week Diana consistently dressed much the same. I would overhear her telling the other kids she wanted to be a boy, and was going to get a sex change operation when she got older. I had no idea what to do with this […]

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Charlie, Charlie, Are Filling a Void?

I have said for years that kids, by God’s design, are hungry for the supernatural, and they can find it everywhere but in our churches.

Recent generations have grown up on media that made magic, witchcraft, and the paranormal the focal point of kids’ entertainment. Young Christian friends of mine, who do their homework before buying popular video games, tell me it’s almost impossible to find any that don’t suddenly introduce some form of magic by the third and fourth levels in. It’s just become normal. It’s everywhere. We don’t even think about it anymore. But, of course, since it’s […]

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A Tribute to My Childhood Spiritual Mentor

I want you to meet my very first godly, spiritual mentor (outside of my parents) that I believe God put in my life. Her name was Violet Nichols. We called her “Sister Vi.” Sister Vi worked for J.C. Penney’s as a sales clerk. She had been divorced three times, and, let’s just say, she really needed Jesus in her life. One of the faithful members of our church who worked with her timidly invited her to church one day, and much to everyone’s surprise she got saved!
Saved to the Uttermost!
And I mean she was saved to the uttermost! (Hebrews […]

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A Wave of Child Preachers in the 1940s and 50s

One of the most famous women in Christian history was an evangelist, preacher, faith healer named Aimee Semple McPherson. Also known as Sister Aimee, she was a Canadian-American Los Angeles–based evangelist and media celebrity in the 1920s and 1930s. She founded the Foursquare Church. I could say so much about Aimee, because I have studied her life over the years. She is an inspiration in many ways, a forerunner, and spiritual pioneer in dozens of ways.
She Promoted Child Preachers
But one of the most significant things Aimee did was promote and celebrate children in ministry. During the years she was in […]

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Are Children Too Young to Receive Baptism in the Holy Spirit?

By Guest Author: Tamera Kraft,  Revival Fire For Kids
It happened again.
I was leading a workshop at a Pentecostal church for children’s leaders when I came to the topic of children receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit. As usual, I received blank stares followed by a question from one brave person who asked what everyone else was thinking. “Aren’t children too young to be baptized in the Holy Spirit?” I’ll list the reasons I gave that group for why children are NOT too young to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit.
God promised the outpouring of the Holy Spirit to children […]

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Kids & Worship: Baby Stuff?

I was a part of a church once that was known for it’s incredible praise and worship. In fact, musicians from all over the nation flocked to this church to get their chance to be on the praise and worship team.

I tried numerous times to get some of them to commit to doing the praise and worship in our children’s church. But the most commitment I could get was once a month because they were all afraid of missing their opportunity to play with the main worship team. So I had rotating teams.

I was very appreciative of this, however, […]

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Called to the Kingdom

We are all called to the kingdom for “such a time as this.” However, there is a special and unique call on the younger generations—they are an “end times” generation, born for this day. They have unique gifts, viewpoints, motivations, and they will function in the kingdom in unique and creative ways, differently than us purely because of the day and time in which they were born.

They can feel the call in their inner beings. It’s so strong, they can taste it. Secular analysts, educators, researchers and others recognize an unusually high percentage of them are committed to social […]

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This is a Generation of Seers

I’ve been ministering to children off and on since the early 80s. My non-scientific, personal experience is that the children in the last 10-15 are the most spiritually intuitive that I’ve ever seen–both Christian and non-Christian. I base that on what I hear from them and their parents as per their spiritual experiences. I have long held this is a generation of “seers.” Those are prophetic individuals who operate in the discerning of spirits–they can see angels and demons, and have other-worldly experiences.

This was confirmed in a book I have been reading by Kevin Basconi. He writes: “The Lord […]

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