Benefits to Being an Official PowerClub

Absolutely anybody and everybody is free to use all of our ideas and concepts such as the three Core Values and the Five-Step Pattern of Children’s Ministry without being an official PowerClub. We hope as many people as possible go through the training course and use our curriculums. There is no obligation to KIMI of any kind to do so. We hope you take everything we teach, use it, teach others how to do so, and see amazing results in the spiritual lives of your children by doing so. We encourage you to use it all.

However, Kids in Ministry International is developing a PowerClub network of official KIMI PowerClubs for the purposes of ongoing training, encouragement, exchange of ideas, and networking with like-minded leaders. There are some distinct benefits for becoming an official KIMI PowerClub which we’d like to share with you.

The advantages of being a part of the Official PowerClub Network are:

  1. Certification through Kids in Ministry International
  2. Discounts at KIMI sponsored conferences
  3. Automatically become part of the PowerClub Network which includes a free listing on our website. (See list here.)
  4. Occasional special discounts of KIMI Resource materials
  5. Use of the PowerClub logo on signs, banners, T-shirts, and other items under the guidelines provided by KIMI.
  6. Ministry updates through email.
  7. Can also become an authorized trainer of other potential official PowerClub leaders with guidance by KIMI leaders.

At least once a year PowerClub leaders will be asked to verify that you are still following the requirements to being an official PowerClub as per the information above. All correspondence and questions can be made through contacting KIMI training facilitator, Laura Diehl at


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