What people think of Kids in Ministry Products

 HGV front cover.smallI have been teaching for several weeks now on Hearing God’s Voice.  It was such a blessing to hear my pastor get up in the pulpit and testify that he was awakened by his seven year old daughter . He said she came into his room in the middle of the night and felt led to pray for her father.  Even my own son told me how the Holy Spirit has spoken to Him about things before they actually happened.  Praise God for how He speaks to the children!

New front cover small__1430357532_96.3.145.62Last week on Sunday we shared the importance of kids ministry, influenced by the amazing book Redefining Children’s Ministry in the 21st Century! Couple days ago on Sunday my husband did a full on session with the kids, while our guest speakers stayed with the adults. The kids were having so much fun! We’ve dished out more books to the growing team, and we now have people of all ages on board, eldest member is 79 who only read the introduction to the book and is already so passionate to get involved!! As I read more of the book this morning about children praying and healing the sick, I smelt such a sweet fragrance, it was just like the smell outside a sweets factory several miles away. I was surprisingly slow to twig that was the Holy Spirit just enjoying the words and stories in the book

3online store size__1430357819_96.3.145.62As one who has taught children for 40+ years, I’m always on the look-out for great resources to use with the children I teach. Our church has used Becky’s curriculum for years and have found them to be full of foundational truths. The same is true for this book. We were so impressed with the content that our church purchased a copy for each family. This morning I quizzed the kids on the book. I wanted to get their opinions. The words they used were: excellent, great and wonderful. One said they really like all of the scripture that was given in the back. Another child said that for the past 3 years he had been afraid to sleep in the dark but after reading the book he was set free from fear and was finally able to sleep without a light on. Several of the children described how powerful they felt when like the character Caleb, they too took authority over the devil. I’d recommend this book as a staple resource for every family, children’s ministry and church & school library. It would also make a good resource for any adult who may be dealing with nightmares.