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Little Lambs Bible Class Curriculum

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Designed for Babies and Toddlers
By Author Tamey Bomersbach

Comments from the Author:
* We teach spiritual truth to the spirits of young children (1 Corinthians 2:12-14). We are not limited by what babies’ minds can comprehend. There is tremendous potential for spiritual growth in a baby, that mirrors the growth we can observe in his body and soul.

* We believe the youngest members of the body of Christ are not the church of tomorrow. They are an indispensable part of the church of today. They minister joy through their smiles. They minister love through hugs. They minister praise when they make a joyful noise. They silence the enemy! They minister peace when they obey. They function as a representative of Christ in our midst when we are allowed to minister to them. (Amazing! They can do all of this before they learn to speak!)

* This curriculum is created to meet the special needs of babies. It is fast-paced and hands-on. In each 15 minute lesson, the children hear the Bible verses, worship (using rhythm instruments), and they participate in each activity by playing with objects that illustrate a spiritual truth.

* This curriculum is a good value. It is non-consumable: buy it once, and use it forever. It is sold in small units so you can try it out for under $50. It downloads to your computer, and you print each two-page lesson as you need it. This keeps costs down.

Parents can use this in the home, or churches can use it in their church nurseries! It’s easy and flexible!

To see one sample lesson, click on the titles below. (Remember there are 9 to 11 lessons per set, so for instance, this is just one lesson out of ten in the Family of God series)

The Family of God

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Here are the Amazing Topics to Teach Your Babies!

Victory (8 Lessons) $45.95
Jehovah is Our God (9 Lessons) $49.95
Prayer (9 Lessons) $49.95
Spiritual Warfare (9 Lessons) $49.95
Holidays (9 Lessons) $49.95
Family of God (10 Lessons) $54.95
We Are the Church (10 Lessons) $54.95
Bearing Fruit (11 Lessons) $59.95
Pictures of God (11 Lessons) $59.95
Small Beginnings (12 Lessons) $59.95 Now $43.95
Your Precious Heart (11 Lessons) $59.95 Now $43.95

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Little Lambs Baby Curriculum

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  1. Libby Nixon (verified owner)

    We are enjoying Family of God with our 2 youngest classes, 1& 2’s and 3-5’s. Our K-1st graders are doing Bearing Fruit and our Grade School Kids just finished Kids Carrying the Kingdom. We will be looking for our next series to order for January.

    For the Little Lambs Curriculum, it would help if we could listen to the melodies of the songs. I did find a video sample of the Family of God which includes the songs to sing before and after reading the Word. Is there any other source to hear the songs sung?

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