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Packaging the Word of God in creative and interesting ways is key to helping children embrace, enjoy, and love your Bible lessons. As a teaching tool, using creative drama skits is one of the best ways to help kids remember important principles from the Bible.

Drama skits should be in every teacher’s tool belt. It livens up the classroom. It can change the atmosphere from something serious to lighthearted humor. But especially for those using KIMI curriculums, using the drama skits is so important. They present the central core of each lesson into a five minute story line. Every lesson in seven of our curriculums contain excellent drama skits and to leave them out of the KIMI lessons is truly cheating your children. One teenager said once, “I’ve learned more from acting in your skits than I have sitting in Sunday School my whole life!”

Many teachers say, “But our church is small. I don’t have enough people to have a drama team.” Others say, “We just have time to do rehearsals!” This SSCM session is just for you! It shows you FOUR DIFFERENT WAYS use drama skits even if you have no drama team and no practice time.

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(We do not ship DVDs internationally, including Canada. International customers must choose MP4 Video Download.)

PLEASE NOTE: The most recent filming of this lesson with the most updated material was given to a group of Hispanic students, and so it is in English with a Spanish interpreter. The English version is over 7 years old, so we have chosen to replace the older one and use this instead. We apologize in advance if it causes any problems in watching or listening.  

PLEASE NOTE: You can save money by buying the DVDs or the MP4s as a complete set. But if finances are an issue, remember, you can also buy and download one lesson at a time as you can afford it! Be sure to ask about becoming a certified graduate, however, which means you will want to enroll in advance of starting the course. To enroll to become certified, download this set of forms (click here) and return them to our office at




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1 review for SSCM Level 1 – Creative Use of Drama

  1. Becky Fischer (verified owner)

    SSCM graduate Karina Van Bogelen wrote on Facebook: We just finished our first month with the “Our Amazing God” curriculum and loving it! We don’t have enough kids or volunteers to do the skit, so I thought about skipping it. But I’m thankful to have gone through Becky’s training, to know that I can get creative with other ways to do drama. Since we don’t have enough people I just printed our characters and made paper puppets taped to rulers instead! 🙂 I’m so glad I did! The drama really brought the previous lessons to life, and helped the kids visualize God’s truth in a real way.
    Thanks Becky Fischer!

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