The Supernatural Power of Tongues – SSCM Level Two


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Speakers: Becky Fischer

Because of controversy, and fear of offending others, Spirit-filled Christians have lost their understanding of how important praying in tongues every day really is. There is a reason that the Apostle said, “I thank God that I speak in tongues more than you all.” It wasn’t a contest, he was striving to win. It was an understanding the God would not have given His people such a powerful gift just to lay it aside. Too many Christians pray once at their initial infilling, but seldom if ever use this amazing gift ever again. It is the only gift that God has given us for our own personal use. Every other gift is to be used to help and minister others.

Dozens of high-profile ministers of the Gospel today and yesterday credit their use of praying in tongues regularly as to why their ministries have grown and become worldwide. These ministers include Benny Hinn, Apostle Guillermo Maldonado, Kenneth E. Hagin, Patricia King, and many others. Find out what they know about the value of praying in tongues.

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(We do not ship DVDs internationally, including to Canada. International customers must choose Download.)

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Tongues: God’s Provision for Dynamic Growth and Supernatural Living by Patricia King

Baptism In The Holy Spirit by Apostle Guillermo Maldanado 


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