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Written by Becky Fischer

This picture book is based on true stories of a little girl, Ivy, who learned how to hear the voice of God. Ivy’s mother taught her how pray and listen to the Holy Spirit. From the time she was only two years old, God took Ivy on many adventures in prayer. Boys and girls can learn to do mighty things for God just like Ivy did. Topics include:  Grandpa’s Eyes,  Ken & Barbie Prayer Meetings, Hamburger Intercession, Visions of China,  Bike Riding Dreams,  Joey Heals His Aunt, and Learning How to Hear God’s Voice.

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As Aventuras de Ivy e Deus (Portuguese)

Las Aventuras de Ivy y Dios (Español)

Wspólne przygody Ewy i Boga (Polish)

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49 pages, 8.5″ x 8.5″ dimensions
Full Color
For ages 5 – 11

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9 reviews for The Adventures of Ivy & God

  1. Becky Fischer

    I must share the most touching testimony I received from a mother recently abut one of my kids’ books. She wrote: “My three year old daughter, Tianna was with me at the conference and was so excited to meet Monica (director of KIMI Massachusetts) and share with her all of her favorite memory verses. Monica rewarded her with a copy of your book “The Adventures of Ivy and God”.

    “What a powerful gift to have received. Tianna absolutely loves the stories and has not only retold them but has repeatedly said “I want to be like Ivy. I asked God to help me, just like Ivy did and you know what? He did!” and most recently wrote her own song “Ivy and me, we walk with God. We love Jesus, His love is amazing. Ivy and me, we love God. We want to be like Jesus!”. Out of the mouths of babes!”

  2. Summer

    I wasn’t sure how my 4 year old son was going to react to this book, but he loves it! Ever since he got it for Christmas it’s the only book he wants me to read to him at bedtime. He told me the other night he is ready to start reading the next Ivy book!

    • Becky Fischer

      That’s so awesome!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

    • Becky Fischer

      The NEXT Ivy book. Now there’s a thought!!!

  3. Stacey Insisiengmay (verified owner)

    I ordered “The Adventures of Ivy & God” and the “Ivy Doll” for all three of my nieces, as a Christmas gift this year. The doll is even cuter in person than it is on the website. The book the phenomenal! Wonderful way to equip our children to hear the voice of God. I recommend the book for both girls AND boys!

  4. KidMin Charlie

    I highly recommend Ivy & God. I shared her true life testimony with children about 4 mo ago and many children still talk about that service and parents still come up and tell me how it moved their child to get closer to God. Why because it is about a child just like them. It is now, not a 100 or 1000 years ago. I can not say enough about this GREAT BOOK.

    How I used it was I read it 10 times until I had it put into memory. Then I told her story to the kids. They were on the end of their seats with the way I tied it into stories from the bible and how God talked to others just like Ivy. Many kids asked if they could also hear Gods Voice. He is alive and can also talk to you
    A must have!!!”

  5. james

    Oh how i wish these books are available in south africa to purchase.Not everyone has internet or know how to purchase via the internet.I am prepared to be a representative in SA to distribute these valuable material.Cal also advertise on our website: consider
    Pastor James
    South Africa

  6. Elizabeth N.

    My son Joshua and I loved it! It didn’t matter to Joshua at all that it was a story about a girl – in fact he didn’t even seem to notice. Now, he does mostly have all girl friends so maybe that’s a factor for him, regardless he enjoyed it. The favorite part for both of us was the last pages – the how to hear and what it feels like. Those are the pages he wanted to stop at and read again. The traffic light analogy worked great for him. REALLY WELL DONE!!!!!! This kind of book – long overdue!

  7. Torry N.

    Just read to page 35 with my daughter and really love the way you did it. Parents are going to purchase this as a kids book and it is going to ignite a passion in them to train their kids to hear the voice of God

  8. Pastor Francis Opoku

    I just went through this book. My whole family shall begin reading and studying from this book, beginning tomorrow. Thanks Mama Becky.

  9. Chris O.

    We downloaded it today!!!! WOW! This is an excellent tool to help us teach our children to hear the LORD. The depth of their understanding will be greatly increased. Thank you!

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