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Children today, whether in church our outside, know little about Our Amazing God. Research says this is the first generation in American history that was not raised on Judeo-Christian philosophy. They are said to be the most biblically illiterate generation ever in our nation.

Pluralism (mixing a variety religious beliefs and regarding all of them as equally valid and true) has invaded our society in every way, and we can no longer assume when we discuss “God” in a group setting that we’re all talking about the same one. Add this fact to another–that this generation has the lowest level of basic biblical knowledge ever in this nation.

Who is Our Amazing God?

“Our Amazing God” is an exhaustive study asking “Who is God?” It is a foundational study of the three persons of the Godhead (the Trinity). We spend a great deal of time explaining the role of each one, and how they are unique in their operation, but truly three in one.

In addition, this series teaches five more fundamental doctrines of the Christian faith. These include salvation, the baptism in the Holy Spirit, Communion (the Lord’s Supper), and water baptism. They conclude with an in-depth look at how we are created in God’s image–spirit, soul, and body. We spend one entire chapter explaining what speaking in tongues is, and what it is used for.

Because we end with four lessons on how we are created in the image of God–spirit, soul, and body–it is the perfect lead in to the next curriculum, Hearing God’s Voice.

This is a series of lessons you should seriously consider teaching every two or three years, based on the high turn over of families in a local church. But also because what a child hears, absorbs, and understands at the age of 6 or 7, is completely different than what they will understand and implement at ages ten or eleven. If you repeat the lessons every two year, the children will only hear these doctrines about two or three times before their teen years. And that is assuming they never miss a Sunday service.

Written by Becky Fischer
Seventeen Lessons, 240 pages

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17 Lesson Titles in Our Amazing God:

* The Most High God
* The Goodness of God
* The Justice of God
* The Mystery of Three in One
* God, the Father
* God, the Son
* Jesus, Our Savior
* Jesus, the Way, Truth & Life
* Jesus, the Living Word
* Following Jesus in Baptism
* God, the Holy Spirit
* Being Filled with the Holy Spirit
* What is Tongues?
* Created in God’s Image
* Our Inner Man (Spirit)
* Renewing Our Minds (Soul)
* God’s Temple (Body)


What’s Included in Our Amazing God

(Sorry. No International orders for visual kits. Available only in the U.S.)

Four Extra Lessons!
* 17 dynamic lessons
* 17 Drama Skits
* 17 Power Verses
* 15 Review Questions for each lesson
* 10 Scriptures Per Lesson for a Sword Drill

Also included: Hands-On Training Manual with insightful teaching on leading a child to Christ, understanding a child’s conversion experience, what you should know about water baptism and children, and leading a child into the baptism in the Holy Spirit simply and easily.

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

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    Cherise S. wrote on Amazon.com: Yes! Yes! Yes! Finding this curriculum is an answer to prayer! We have five of our own children and have been teaching them to live a supernatural life at home but figuring out how to take it into our Children’s Ministry has been tricky! Lol Not anymore! We are starting our first lesson tonight and can’t wait to see the kid’s soaking this up.

  2. I received an email from Cheri Griggs: I’ve used your Amazing God messages before with children and I LOVED IT! I witnessed incredible things in the lives of the children. When I became a lead pastor, I used the same material with the adults…object lessons and all…Becky, many of the adults who have been in the church for decades said they could finally begin to grasp who God is as well as how we fit into His plan.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    From Missionary Clara Kornelsen in Central America: “Our kids’ ministry has been extremely blessed since we started KIMI curriculum. We did the trial from your website of OUR AMAZING GOD and were deeply touched by it. The 7 to 11 year olds did the skit which was a complete message by itself. Then we decided to start with HEARING THE VOICE OF GOD. It’s been amazing to hear how the kids eagerly share with the whole class of what the Lord has shown and spoken to them during a quiet time in the presence of the Holy Spirit. Another occasion the Lord showed the teacher a picture of the whole class being dressed up as an army and ready to stand in the front line of a battlefield. Soon afterwards the Lord confirmed it by how the kids joined in unity to pray. We are looking forward to have them start evangelizing to other kids groups. Thanks for sharing your vision with us.”

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