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by Alicia White, Chosen Stones Ministries

Graduate of the School of Supernatural Children’s Ministry, and former KIMI Ohio Director

In our pursuit to shed the legalistic religion of past generations, the recent grace movement has caused an extreme pendulum swing leaving a generation of Christians with a perverted, deceived, lawless view of grace. This leaves some of them full of compromising powerless faith. God and His holiness has been dumbed down to suggest that somehow God is as human as we are, leaving the sacrificial and expensive price of grace, and our need for it, of no effect.

Many believers have embraced a grace that has become a get out of jail free card that somehow gives permission for continual and perpetual sin. When the reality is, true biblical, and authentic grace is not absent of the law, but is the law fulfilled through a yielded and surrendered soul in Christ Jesus.

This curriculum is all about moving the grace pendulum to the middle to help you and the children in your ministry find a holistic and biblical view of grace that they can walk out in their Christian life. Grace defined in its simplest term is the power of the cross at work though the Holy Spirit in a believer. Grace received at salvation is only the beginning of grace; authentic grace is a continual work in progress in a believer. Your children will be empowered to allow grace to work in your lives to yield righteousness, love, power, true worship, an intimate relationship with Christ, and a passionate desire to go into all the world and impart the grace you have received…wherever your world may be.

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13 Lesson Topics

  1. Holy God
  2. Law of Righteousness
  3. Ministry of Death
  4. What is Grace?
  5. Receiving Grace
  6. The Spirit of Grace
  7. Grace Yields righteousness
  8. Grace Yields Love
  9. Grace Yields Worship
  10. Grace Yields Victory
  11. The Calling of Grace
  12. Five Reveals Grace
  13. Grace Sent Out

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