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How To Give Comfort And Support To Bereaved Parents By Taking A Glimpse Into Our Hidden Dark World Of Grief

Come Grieve Through Our Eyes gives a clear, truthful message from those who have lost a child, to those who want to know how to be there for these grieving parents. This book opens the door into the world of bereaved parents, enabling the readers to go beyond just condolences and sympathy, but having compassion at a level that will help these devastated parents at their deepest level of need.

As a bereaved parent herself, author Laura Diehl offers a glimpse into the dark pit parents find themselves thrown into after the death of their child. Some of the things you will discover are:

• What almost every grieving parent fears the most
• Why the normal clichés for grief can actually intensify their pain
• How to know what a grieving parent needs down the road
• Three times of year that are especially difficult for someone who has lost a child
• How to keep your friendship strong with a bereaved parent

Many people seem to think if a parent who has lost a child would just think happy thoughts about Jesus and His promises, the pain would go away and they could get back to normal. These kinds of thoughts from the people around them cause many grieving parents to isolate themselves. They shut others out, making it even more difficult for friends and family to understand their unwanted world of darkness, confusion, and pain.

Those who have an understanding of how dark their world is, will be much better equipped to be able to help these shattered parents in a way that can pull them out of that darkness.

If you care about someone who is experiencing this kind of pain, you will want to know how to support and help them through it. Come Grieve Through Our Eyes is the place to begin.

Thank you for choosing to try and come into our world. It means a lot to us…more than we can say.
-author Laura Diehl


(We do not ship Books internationally, including Canada.)

Laura Diehl is the founder of both Crown of Glory Ministries and GPS Hope (Grieving Parents Sharing Hope) along with her husband Dave. She has written several books, including Triple Crown Transformation, Come Grieve Through Our Eyes, and When Tragedy Strikes.
Laura also has a podcast called Grieving Parents Sharing Hope at
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Note from Becky Fischer:

Laura worked faithfully for our ministry for over ten years. During that time there were many health crises with her daughter Becca. We prayed with her and supported here. But as she clearly details in this book, unless you’ve had one of your children die, you can’t possibly understand the grief a parent goes through. Reading her book  When Tragedy Strikes (her first book on this topic) has made me realize how much more there was to the story than we understood at the time, even though from a distance, we walked through it with her. Laura and Dave are tremendous parents who have come out the other end of this tragedy amazingly victorious. I have the highest respect for them, and I highly recommend her books and ministry to anyone who is struggling with the death of a child as they did. (I also recommend her for children’s ministry, which she still does on the side.)

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