Dread Champions of the King-The Humble Beginning (Book 1)

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Author: Frostie Hall

Twelve year old Joshua Colton and his sister, Megan, are followers of Jesus the King and they decide they want to help others. God answers their prayer and they find amazing adventures involving a kidnapped girl. As they learn to listen to God’s voice and operate in the prophetic gifts of the Spirit they are led on a supernatural adventure of a lifetime.

In a world intent on turning our children to witchcraft and wizardry, Dread Champions of the King – The Humble Beginning reveals the important difference between God’s power and Satan’s power.

What is a ‘Dread Champion’? Read below.

Other books in this series include:
Dread Champions of the King-For the King (Book 2)
Dread Champions of the King-Greater Things (Book 3)

Paperback: 96 pages

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What is a ‘Dread Champion’?

A Dread Champion is a soldier who is chosen by the king to represent him in battle with the king’s enemies. The king chooses from his most mighty, brave and loyal warriors. As the king’s champion wins battle after battle he becomes dreaded by the king’s enemies, thus becoming a “Dread Champion of the King.” This book series is a continuing story about young people who have chosen to serve Jesus Christ, the King of kings, and are determined to do whatever He asks of them. They soon discover that the King has chosen them as His “Dread Champions,” to send them into battle against the forces of evil.

Author “Lady” Frostie Hall and her husband, “Sir” Herb, believe God is doing amazing things through children and is soon going to be doing much more. Since adults can also be “Dread Champions of the King,” they travel with their ministry team holding kids’ and workers’ equipping conferences throughout the land.

“I homeschool my children and am always on the lookout for good books. Little did I know what I was getting my hands on when I bought Dread Champions of the King. My children and I were captivated from the very first moment. We have passed the book along to several other families in our church, and the reaction is always the same: awesome!” —Trina Mask, There Is Grace Ministry, Homeschooling Mother of Five

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