Gender Identity Issues in Children – SSCM Level 3



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Speaker: Becky Fischer, Founder/Director of Kids in Ministry International

Nobody wants to talk about it. Bringing up the subject of sexual issues of any kind in children is very uncomfortable. But we can no longer ignore the fact that same sex attractions and, ultimately, a lifestyle of homosexuality, is not a teen or adult issue. The roots begin in childhood, and sometimes infancy. It can be reversed if parents, teachers, and ministers know the signs and know what to do.

Contrary to popular beliefs, you can’t just cast a homosexual demon out and expect the problem to go away. You can’t just “pray your gay away.” These issues are deep rooted and complex. They require prayer, counseling, and support from strong friends. We have to understand that homosexuality is not something a gay person “does.” It is is something they believe themselves to “be.”

From SSCM Student Retha W. “I just want to say how much I appreciated the way Becky handled this subject!  It is so needed today as so many families are in agony over this very thing.”

Learn to recognize the signs in childhood, and save someone from a life of heartache and entrapment.

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(We do not ship DVDs internationally, so international customers must choose Download.)


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