God’s General’s for Kids – William Seymour

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Roberts Liardon and Olly Goldenberg have collaborated on the development of the seventh book in this twelve–book series about God’s Generals for Kids. These books are greatly enjoyed by children aged eight to twelve and by adults as well. The seventh book in the series deals with the life and teaching of William J. Seymour who was a son of slaves. He was hated by so many as he was growing up and he was blind in one eye, but he became one of the greatest leaders in church history, a pioneer in the amazing Asusa Street Revival.

During this revival many supernatural events took place. Blind people saw, deaf people heard, and lame people walked. These miracles and many others drew the attention of the world, but what really drew crowds to the little building on Azusa Street was the love that flowed from God’s presence. God came in a cloud of glory and with fire.

Thousands of people from all over the world went there to meet God, and many of them left to serve Him in their home places. Each one became a missionary for the Lord. God is still flowing mightily around the world, as the effects of this revival are felt in every country today.

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