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HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO US – KIDS IN MINISTRY INTERNATIONAL!!!! How could I have forgotten? October 3, 2001 (just three weeks after 9/11) I officially launched Kids in Ministry International! The vision God gave me was to redefine children’s ministry by taking kids beyond the typical Bible-story-only mindset and teach them to walk in the supernatural power of God.

We do this by teaching kids salvation, the baptism in the Holy Spirit, hearing God’s voice, being led by the Spirit, healing the sick, walking in the gifts of the Spirit and so much more! In short, our goal has been to raise a generation of boys and girls to walk in the supernatural power of God! 

As our gift to you for supporting our ministry through purchasing our products, donations, and prayer, we are giving away a FREE downloadable version of my book DECISION MAKING BY THE SPIRIT. (To purchase a paperback copy, click here: Paperback copy

We’d love to know if our ministry has impacted your, your church, or children in some way. Please leave a comment below.

Congratulations to each and every one of my directors and teammates (present and past) who have grabbed on to this vision for their churches, States, or nations. We have collectively as a team trained people in over 50 nations. We have directors in 11 nations and 5 states and regional representatives in an additional 3 nations. (See list below). THANKS TO EACH OF THEM FOR CONTRIBUTING TO THE FOOTPRINT KIDS IN MINISTRY HAS MADE AROUND THE WORLD!

I looked up the biblical meaning and significance of the number twenty. It represents cycles of patience, waiting and completeness in life, that includes trials and redemption, eventually leading to one’s spiritual coming of age both in a spiritual and mental sense. Thanks to all of you who have prayed for us and supported us for the last 20 years. Any leader can confidently say without the faithful ones behind the scenes we could not have been successful. It takes a team to make the dream come true!

• Visit our website to read our blogs and articles: https://kidsinministry.org/

• Visit our online store to see the tremendous unique curriculums to take kids to another level spiritual: http://kidsinministry.org/childrens-ministry-curriculum/

• Visit my YouTube channel for free materials and lessons and training: www.Becky Fischer – YouTube

• Check out our online training courses for kids ministers, church leaders, and parents: https://sscmkimi.org/

I love and appreciate you all!


Christine Soude, KIMI India

Ps. Paul Mwangi, KIMI Kenya

Daina Vekmane, KIMI Latvia

Adriana Morales, KIMI Australia

Ps Francis Opoku, KIMI Ghana

KIMI Mexico Team Leaders, Mich Gutierrez Rodriguez, José Luis Montelongo Lugo, P Marisol Huitron Jara, Hugo Espinoza C, Claudia Olivera

Fiaz Anwar, KIMI Pakistan Alma Villa Ripalda Angana, Bishop Rey Gomez Angana, KIMI Philippines

Svetlana Melikhova, KIMI Russia

Jessica Berry, KIMI Virginia

Dawn Palmer, KIMI California

Izabella Szafraniec, KIMI Poland

Torry Norris, KIMI Texas

Lori Jane Hensley, KIMI Tennessee

Monica Mckeen, former director of KIMI Massachusetts, now represents us in YWAM

Key Regional Representatives

David Cheni, Uganda

Liezl Pienaar, Janet Berner, Eva & David Kibinda, KIMI Zambia

Fon Humphry Mensah, Cameroon

Debbie & Gerry Arce, northern KIMI Philippines

SIGNIFICANT KEY KIMI Leaders through the years who have contributed an enormous amount to what KIMI has become:

Pamela Ayres, KIMI International Ambassador for 18 years

Ana Lilia Zertuche, KIMI Mexico director for 15 years, she also translated almost all of our KIMI curriculums into Spanish.

Anja Mendez, established KIMI Australia

Laura Diehl, former KIMI Wisconsin, and SSCM coordinator, 10 years
Deb Shaw, 18 years
Jan McEachran, 12 years
Ronda Dux


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