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Launch your children into the world of the supernatural by capturing their attention with these captivating object lessons! Create a hunger in them to boldly lay hands on the sick as you peak their natural child-like faith through the use of these visual.

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What’s Included in the I Can Heal the Sick Visual Kit?

Jesus never put an age limit on who could walk in the supernatural and who couldn’t. He simply said “They that believe will lay hands of the sick and they shall recover.” If a child believes, he qualifies for signs and wonders. Kids today are not satisfied to know that Jesus healed the sick or that grown-ups can do it. They want to experience it for themselves! Brace yourself for a breakout of the supernatural in your children as you teach these lessons.

There are thirteen meaty lessons in this curriculum that will lay an excellent foundation in your children for what the Bible has to say about healing the sick. It includes excellent understanding of what faith really is. This series will ground them solidly on the word so they are well equipped to step out boldly to see God work miracles in their lives. Children are drawn to the supernatural like a moth is drawn to the light. Take advantage of that natural interest and hunger and teach them the Bible way to heal the sick.

Battery operated Torch
Needle through a Balloon Trick set
Toy Stethoscope
Giant Dice
Latex scars and Fake blood
Perpetual Motion toy
Lighted Orbit Ball
Wilting Flower Trick
Magic Wand
A bag of plastic spiders
A bag of plastic bugs
Three Clear Latex Balloons
Plastic badges for nearly each child (24)
Eino Volcano Science Kit

(Sorry. No International orders. Available only in the U.S.)



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