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Whether your children are auditory learners or visual learners, every child’s spiritual development will be greatly enhanced by these creative, quality visuals for learning the basics of how to hear the voice of God. Use these illustrations and your children will remember for a lifetime the unique ways God speaks to us! Curriculum is not included. Allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.

$159.95  $106.95! – 25% off!

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Hearing God’s Voice Visual Kit

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Next to salvation, there is not another subject more critical for children to learn than hearing God’s voice and being led by His Spirit. This is the focus of these thirteen lessons. Knowing how to be led by the Spirit, which is the basis of godly decision making, could save their lives in a dangerous and confusing world. Jesus said, “My sheep know my voice,” but too often we forget to teach the “lambs” what it sounds like. In most cases, children will not learn to recognize God’s voice on their own. Somewhere there has to be some “Eli’s” teaching these little “Samuels” what to listen for. That becomes the job of parents, grandparents, Sunday school teachers, children’s pastors, and anyone else involved in their spiritual care.

This series takes kids from the basics all the way to seeing prophetic visions and dreams, and learning how to interpret them from scripture. You will see Joel 2:28 come to pass before your eyes when “your sons and daughters prophecy.” They will also learn how to recognize the Enemy’s counterfeit supernatural that attempts to mimic the Gifts of the Spirit.

You and your children will never be the same!

You will use these over and over again in teaching boys and girls to hear the voice of God!

What’s Included:

* Soft life-like 20″ Lamb
* Mini Traffic Light
* Inflatable Astronaut
* Angel Wings
* Rubber Ears
* Comical Eye Glasses
* Jumbo Clown Glasses
* Bubble Bottle and Wand
* Poster of Solar System
* Black Snap Brimmed Hat
* Magnifying Glass
* Toy Airplane
* Fool’s Gold
* Eight Lesson Pictures



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