Jesus, Your Baby and You


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A guide to Trusting God during your pregnancy

By Helen Goldenberg

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Godly parents will train godly children to fulfil God’s eternal plans. As you read this book, our desire is that you become empowered to stand alongside other parents of our generation as, together we prepare the “godly army” that is needed for our time. May these children rise to be a generation who will “never bow to Baal” (false gods), as God described to Elijah in 1 Kings 19:18. May they be a generation who do not follow the favored gods of our age, but grow to be a people who know their God and do great things for Him.

What is the destiny on your baby’s life? Why has God given you this child at this particular time? As their life unfolds, know that Gods plans for your child were known before conception, and that the nurturing of their future calling begins from the womb.

(We do not ship books internationally, including Canada.)


Amazon Reviews
ByAon 24 October 2015
I’m so grateful for this book. It’s helped my husband and I prepare for parenthood at such an important time,starting our parenting from now. It’s inclusive and unassuming in the way it’s written, making it accessible to readers in a number of different situations.It covers the nitty-gritty areas often on the hearts and minds of expectant Mums and Dads. Reflective questions and practical tools are provided along the way, helping readers to put what they want into practice. I recommend!
ByRebecca Bon 22 October 2015
As someone who worries throughout my pregnancies, this book was needed 2 children ago! Was really helpful to refocus and be encouraged to pray and think on what is true rather than worry. The book was an easy read, which I finished within 2 days- it was full of encouraging scripture and wisdom along with interesting stories that help me relate to others who felt or experienced the same thing. I think pregnancy is a time of feeling vulnerable and honestly a little scared- this book helps calm you down and trust God knowing He is in control and has a plan.
ByBeigaghaon 6 October 2015
Very interesting book and highly recommend this book.
ByAbion 20 August 2015
This has to be THE manual for pregnancy and childbirth! Makes pregnancy the delightful miracle of life given by God! He’s in it all the way with you! It’s a spiritual experience and this book gives loads of testimonies! You are bound to find “you” in it! Makes your baby a loved individual from conception with plans and a destiny for the future which you get to be a part of shaping before birth.


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