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My Jewish Roots Visual Kit is one kit you do not want to go without! Almost all of the items will be used multiple times in this series of lessons, and will greatly add to the whole ambiance and experience of studying our Jewish roots! This kit, as do all of our kits, contains visuals that are of the highest quality and cannot be easily obtained in your local stores in most cases.

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Items included in the My Jewish Roots Visual Kit:

Regardless of the fact that Israel is in the news every day, there is an entire generation rising up who have absolutely no understanding of why this tiny nation is important to us as Christians. God said, “I will bless those who bless [Abraham] and for those who curse [Abraham] I will curse. And all the families of the world will be blessed through you,” (Genesis 12:3). Understanding our roots to Israel and the Jewish people is a critical foundational teaching for our Christian children.

These lessons will attempt to “connect the dots” between all the Old Testament stories and heroes showing them the “big picture” of their significance to us today as born again believers.

“You cannot fully understand the Bible unless you know something about Israel. And if you are confused about Israel, you are confused about the Bible. We owe the Jewish people an enormous debt. Without them, the church would have no patriarchs, no prophets, no apostles, no Bible, and no Savior.” Derek Prince, Author of “The Destiny of Israel and the Church”

“I just finished preparing lesson two from the new Jesus Our Messiah curriculum. This is such great stuff! I am left amazed AGAIN at the insights. I am sooo excited to teach the kids this! And they are soooo eager to learn it. I am struck again at how there is nothing out there like the curriculum KIMI puts out. You are definitely doing “the Lord’s work”. Thank you!

Tracy, MO

Ten Commandments (16” tall)
Promise Rainbow (8.5” x 16”)
Star of David (12” tall)
Abraham Mask
Flag of Israel (2×3 ft)
Menorah (18″ tall)
Five Yarmulkes
Prayer Shawl (Child size)
Pencil magnets
Shofar (Plastic)
CD of Messianic Jewish Music
(Joel Chernoff-The Restoration
of Israel)
DVD of Messianic Jewish Music
(Barry & Batya Segel–Timeless

(Sorry! No International orders. Available only in the U.S.)

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