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The right visuals and object lessons make all the difference in the world as to how children learn, comprehend, and retain the information you give them. in the Our Amazing God curriculum. They learn through their five physical senses, therefore creative, colorful visuals make your lessons come alive! We’ve taken a lot of the hassle of finding these unusual products for you which go along with the children’s church curriculum called Our Amazing God. While the majority of the object lessons in the curriculum are every day items you can find in your home or the variety local stores, the items in this kit are ones you would have to search for a little harder. You can now spend more time studying with these items readily at your fingertips.

Our Amazing God Curriculum is not included.

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Our Amazing God Visual Kit

The curriculum Our Amazing God has seventeen weeks (over four months) of meaty teachings!

Researchers tell us this is the first generation in American history that was not raised on Judeo-Christian philosophy. Pluralism (mixing a variety religious beliefs and regarding all of them as equally valid and true) has invaded our society in every way, and we can no longer assume when we discuss “God” in a group setting that we’re all talking about the same one. Add this fact to another–that this generation has the lowest level of basic biblical knowledge ever in this nation.

“Our Amazing God” is an exhaustive study asking “Who is God?” It is a foundational study of the three persons of the Godhead (the Trinity). In addition you will teach about salvation, the baptism in the Holy Spirit, Communion, and water baptism. They conclude with an in-depth look at how we are created in God’s image–spirit, soul, and body.

Make your sermons unforgettable with these outstanding visual aids as your object lessons! 20 Unique Items in all!

(Sorry. No International orders. Available only in the U.S.)

What’s Included:

The Trinity (mounted on foam core) Each is 16″ tall to be cut out with exact-o knife. Each Person then can be over-laid to create a 3-in-1 Godhead. Each person of the Trinity has the EXACT same position and outline so when they are cut out, they can be overlaid on top of each other reflecting a perfect “one-ness.” They can be overlapped in any position and be ONE. Note: the Father and the Holy Spirit have white “skin.” That is to denote their invisible nature, while Jesus has skin tones to reflect His earthly yet eternal glorified body.)
Mold of Human Brain
8 ft Chinese Tissue Dragon
Mandarin Hat
Paper Oriental Fan
Disappearing Ink
Camouflage Army hat
Graduation Cap
Diamond Clear Latex Balloons
Ruby Red Latex Balloons
Sheriff’s Badge
Nylon Ski Rope
Picture of Unborn Baby
Devil Mask (thick paper)
Two False God Masks
Sticky Hands
Headband with Feathers


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