There’s Power in the Blood Visual Kit

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Imagery is everything when teaching children, and the items that come with this Blood of Jesus Visual Kit will make your lessons come alive! These are fascinating tools that your children will love and you will use time and again for years to come in all types of sermons. It would be hard to imagine teaching this series without these high-quality visuals.

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There’s Power in the Blood Visual Kit

One of the most critical and foundational topics you can teach your children about is the blood of Jesus. We cannot possibly fully understand our salvation and what it does for us if we do not understand the importance sacrifice of His amazing blood. This is a thorough study on what the Bible has to say about the Blood of Jesus from Genesis to Revelation, and it’s relevancy to our lives and salvation. These lessons help our children make sense of how the Old Testament Bible stories are important to understanding Jesus.

“Magnify that blood and the Lamb who shed the blood. Give bold testimony to the power of that blood” Stanley H. Frodsham (General Secretary of the Assemblies of God, 1916)

“And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony…” Revelation 12:11

The There’s Power in the Blood Visual Kit will save you time, effort, and money! We have assembled an incredible group of visuals and object lessons to make your sermons stimulating and memorable! You’ll use these items over and over again in your ministry career!

What’s Included:

Crown of Thorns
One Crucifixion Nail
Cat of Nine Tails Whip
Life-size Latex Heart Model
Kids Discover Magazine on Blood
Scarlet Red 6′ Rope
Cardboard Ark of the Covenant
Cardboard Brazen Altar
Instructions to Make High Priest Costume
Instructions to Make a Temple Veil
Chef’s cap for High Priest’s Crown
Judge’s Gavel
Simplicity Patterns for Bible costumes


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