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This is the perfect companion to go along with your Prayer 101 curriculum. But even without the curriculum it is full of great prayer tools that will capture the imagination of your children as you teach them how to enter  the exciting world of prayer.

Some of the items are object lessons in the Prayer 101 curriculum. But most of them are simply creative kid-friendly ideas that you can use for years to come training many generations of children to pray.

What’s Included:
* Four 6”x 6” themed Prayer Spinners
* Pray for Lost “Soles” Templates
* 5ft x 5ft World Map
* 12”x 18” Flags – USA & Israel
* 4 oz Bottle for Anointing Oil
* Set of 10 Prayer Guide Cards for Kids
* 32 THUMB-O Cards (8.5”x 11” color prints)
* Police, Army, and Fireman’s hat to pray for Government Officials
* Band-aids & Prayer cloths to pray for the Sick
* Toy Bow and Arrow set
* Toy Hand Grenade
* Devil Horns
* Hoberman Expanding Sphere

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(Sorry. No International orders. Available only in the U.S.)


The Prayer 101 Visual Kit is Exciting!

One of the most important things we can do is train our children to pray.  The Prayer 101 Visual Kit will help you teach them. We don’t mean the typical childhood prayers that become memorized and quoted every night at bedtime, nor do we mean the childish prayer-poems we quote before we eat a meal. We mean kids needs to really be taught to pray the way Jesus did.

Kids can be taught to pray life-changing, Holy Ghost shaking prayers that shifts things in the spirit realm in this series Prayer 101. Angie Clark knows how to teach kids to pray. (Read her bio below.) This curriculum starts with the very basic foundations for kids who have very little experience in mature prayer. For kids who already have the basics, these lessons bring everything together in very cohesive understandable concepts that may be missing pieces in their knowledge base on scriptural prayer. We know your kids will come alive in their prayer lives when you lead them through these teachings!

More about Angie Clark

Angie received the Holy Spirit at a young age and has been working to bring children to Jesus ever since. By age 14 Angie began teaching and has never stopped. She has taught every age group from nursery to college students, giving her a wide variety of background experience for ministry to all ages. Angie has traveled extensively, doing workshops, leading seminars, holding conferences, youth camps, and Kids Prayer events, She has written numerous articles advocating for kids prayer initiatives in various publications including Pray! Kids magazine.

Her passion for kids’ prayer began during a 1995 MissionsFest conference held in Tulsa, Oklahoma under “Mama Esther” Ilinsky whose influence led Angie in a progression of kids’ prayer initiatives that led from missions prayer to Scripture prayer to intergenerational prayer to dynamic prayer in the Holy Spirit. In 2003 Angie developed a children’s prayer track in the World Network of Prayer, and traveled with them for three years and is now teaching English to preschoolers outside the USA.






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