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This the same one-of-a-kind School of Supernatural Children’s Ministry (SSCM) teaches parents and children’s ministers not only the basics of children’s ministry, as the SSCM DVD Course. But now it is available ONLINE as a Correspondence Course  in 45 hours of video teaching that will radically change how you view children and ministry to them forever. Kids today are hungry for the supernatural, and this course shows you how to bring them into their God-given spiritual destiny which they were born for.


What are the advantages of taking the course online?

1. For starters, it’s less expensive because we don’t have the cost of materials and labor of making up 45 DVDs. But it also goes with you wherever you go–on your laptop, your smartphone, your iPad or tablet.

2. With the DVDs, you have to take the lesson exams and email them to the training administrator. But with the online course, the tests are right there in one convenient spot. The administrator simply goes into the site to grade it.

3. If you want to officially enroll as a student with the DVDs, you have to fill out an enrollment form and mail it in to the Administrator with a $20 fee. With the Online Course, your enrollment fee is included with the price of the course, and you are automatically enrolled as a student.

4. With the online videos, you have the option of downloading them to your desktop for your convenience, and you can conveniently go back online to take the tests, which is a faster, easier method. With the DVDs you have to always have a DVD player or computer with you.

I did the online course and was so excited about how convenient it was! I listened to the teaching as I went about my life as a home schoolers and minister. I had access anywhere my phone had reception. Thank you for such a rich resource!” ~Laura Edmondson, Texas






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1 review for School of Supernatural Children’s Ministry Online Training

  1. Becky Fischer

    Janet Berner wrote on Facebook, February 21: “I am a proud graduate of KIMI. School of Supernatural Ministry. Becky Fischer has totally changed the way I do children’s ministry! Check her school out. You will be blessed.”

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