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Speaker: Torry Norris, Single Mother of Four

Director of Kids in Ministry (KIMI) Texas

Almost everyone is familiar with dire statistics that say the children raised in single parent homes face challenges. They become victims in so many ways. But single mother of four, Torry Norris, has refused to let her children be victims of anything. Despite all the odds, and going against the advice of Christian friends and leaders, Torry has home schooled her four children, and instilled a deep love for the Lord in them. She talks about the challenges she’s faced over the last five years, while sharing about the creative, anointed methods she has used in the home to teach her children to hear God’s voice, follow His leading, spontaneously pray for the sick, and so much more. This is an amazing encouragement to every single parent that, yes, you can successfully disciple your children to walk hard after God.

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(We do not ship DVDs internationally, so international customers must choose Download.)

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torry and kids

Torry and her four children, Jack, Jonathan, Janie Grace, Benjamin.

A niece is standing in the background.)




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