The Supernatural World of This Generation – SSCM Level Two


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Speaker: Becky Fischer, Founder/Director of Kids in Ministry International

There was time when things like healing, prophecy, and dreams and visions were controversial issues with children. But as Becky points out, today they are the “warm, fuzzy, fun” side of the supernatural. Today, however, the things our children and teens are experiencing both in non-Christian as well as Christian circles has dramatically crossed the comfort zone of most people.

Kids are going in and out of the spirit world at will, “playing in Jesus’ village” with the animals, to naming aborted babies that live in heaven but go to school on earth. This is the generation we call the “Joel 2:28 Generation”–the generation God has been waiting for to fulfill His plans in the last days. Yet because Christians have not been prepared to disciple and mentor this generation, the psychic world has been all to eager to do it for us.

This is an insightful world that pulls the listener out of his or her comfort zone and having to squarely face a side of children they may have not known existed before.

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(We do not ship DVDs internationally, so international customers must choose MP4 Video Download.)

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1 review for The Supernatural World of This Generation – SSCM Level Two

  1. Becky Fischer

    From Chell Bossau: I sat on the edge of my seat during all of this lesson! Amazing. It is so relevant, so in line with what I have sensed Holy Spirit showing me and saying about the coming New World Order. It greatly encouraged me having this confirmation. I cannot wait to find out and experience those things that Abba has for us – the enemy counterfeits those things that have value, which means that God values our spiritual encounters and experiences with Him. I heard a testimony of a lady that interceded for China and while doing so she was in this vision where she was kneeling next to these Chinese ladies on the ground travailing. We she stood up from her bedroom floor she had muddied knees as if she was there. Wow, Father You are so amazingly wonderful, I praise You for the fact that we have and need eternity to get to know You fully!
    Bless you Becky for this wonderful ministry!

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