KIMI India

KIMI India and Director Christine Soude

Over twenty-five years ago, Christine Soude received prophetic words that she would be working in children’s ministry someday. But Christine was completely disinterested in the traditional Sunday School programs that were in place in the churches she knew of. She refused to even teach a Sunday School class. But after sitting through two back-to-back KIMI training conferences conducted by Becky Fischer and Pamela Ayres, she was suddenly captured with the potential of what God had for children and for what children’s’ ministry could really be like. Through several supernatural events, Becky asked Christine to be the director of KIMI in India, and she accepted quickly. She was our very first official KIMI Director in the nations, and has served tirelessly and faithfully ever since in a nation with population of billion people–half of those being children under the age of fifteen.

Christine immediately took an early retirement from her lifetime position with a large gas and oil company in India to pursue the vision of establishing Kids in Ministry in India, long before PowerClubs were really a focus. She diligently began to translate all of the existing KIMI books and children’s ministry curriculums into her native language Hindi and currently makes them available in India in both English and Hindi.

Pamela Ayres took Christine in as an Asian partner and the two ladies have traveled together crisscrossing India, Nepal, Bangladesh, and even Africa. Together the ladies have trained many hundreds of leaders affecting thousands of children in those nations. Christine continues to translate KIMI curriculums into other Indian languages. These materials can be purchased by contacting Christine at

Christine actively trains PowerClubs leaders all over India. Here is one graduating class of PowerClub students.







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