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Meet Daina Vekmane, our Director of KIMI Latvia (eastern Europe and former Soviet block.)

Daina is one of our certified graduates of the School of Supernatural Children’s Ministry.  Daina already had a desire to train other people in SSCM and to start and lead PowerClubs before joining our leadership team. Imagine this spreading all over the former Soviet Union? Glory to God!

She wrote: “When communism and Iron Gate fell, everybody was hungry and thirsty for Christianity. It was a time of spiritual revival in our country. Soon we had a new need. We needed to find a way to minister to kids who were attending with their parents.

At that point I was in my early teenage years. And I had no idea how to do Sunday school and children` s ministry… All I knew to do, was reading Bible stories… Everything else mostly came from the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Things Were Fine for Awhile

For a decade we were doing great. Everybody was hungry and things went very well. But then it shifted. Eventually our kids ministry became the exact description of 1st Chapter in Becky Fischer` s book. I have found it on my own experience that this generation cannot be influenced by mere Bible stories, few games and review questions alone.”

We were determined that this ends NOW. I knew we needed to change something. I just did not understand WHAT needs to be changed. That is when a thought dropped in my mind: What about searching the internet for supernatural children` s ministries? Maybe I can learn some secrets, tips and key things to change the outcome of this generation. Believe me, I had no idea there is such a thing as Supernatural Children` s Ministry. All of this is new to me, but I have an inner knowing this is what I have been searching for almost 20 years.”

We believe, like the others, God has sovereignly sent Daina to us. Praise God, there is still time to reach the children of Latvia!

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