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Child Evangelism Fellowship Called ‘Psychologically Harmful To Children’

Just three months ago, I told you about a new frightening trend in an article called “Teaching Kids About God is Child Abuse.” In it I outlined that this is becoming the new mantra of the atheist-left. I warned that we as Christians need to be on alert and watch for this mindset to increase. (Read the Article here.)

I didn’t realize danger would increase so quickly to the general public. Just last week an article came out online website called “Christian Today” with the headline “CHILDREN’S CHRISTIAN MINISTRY CALLED ‘PSYCHOLOGICALLY HARMFUL TO CHILDREN’.” It seems the well-known Christian nonprofit, […]

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All Roads Lead to Heaven

The message being forced down our throats in our nation today is all roads lead to heaven. Really? Here’s a fascinating look into the religious practices in Nepal involving babies and little girls. You can read (click on the link below) about the real-life Nepalese child goddesses whose feet don’t touch the ground, who live in temples and are forbidden from WALKING until they reach puberty. The ‘living goddesses’ are chosen as infants and adored by thousands of Hindus and Buddhists until menstruation. The Kumaris are an incarnation of the goddess Kali and are seen as protectors from evil and […]

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Eli (A Grandfather) Got a Second Chance

Have you ever wondered about Eli, the high priest in the Old Testament? What was he like as a father? We’re never told, but we do know his sons were a mess. Not only were they reprobates living horribly ungodly lives, but they did it publicly and in the process of their duties in the ministry!

Eli seemed completely unable to control them. Obviously he had no discipline measures established in the home. His sons didn’t seem to care a flip what their father thought of them or their actions. It makes you wonder if when they were young, did […]

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The Wonderful Words of Life

I’ve purchased six children’s Bibles in the last few weeks to look through them and see what’s inside. Such a fantastic variety. I wrote a couple weeks ago about the Jesus Bible, Finding Jesus in Every Book. Well, here’s one for the younger crowd that I’m absolutely in love with! It’s The “Jesus Storybook Bible: Every Story Whispers His Name”! Author Sally Lloyd-Jones has done a stellar job of paraphrasing the key stories and ending them all with a hint that the story is a symbol of Jesus who was to come in the future.

Why is this soooo important? […]

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Teaching Kids About God is Child Abuse

For over six years I have been regularly accused of child abuse due to my role in the movie Jesus Camp. I never understood why. I thought perhaps they felt I did something cruel to the kids in the movie to make them cry, and assumed it to be some type of abuse. They accused me of brainwashing too, but that was much easier to comprehend and to defend.

I even went toe-to-toe with Alan Colmes on Fox News Radio on that one. When he pressed the issue, my come back was “You teach your kids what you believe and […]

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Children Who Cast Out Devils

Children Who Cast Out Devils
I’m privileged to know many children’s ministers who are as passionate about discipling children to walk in the power of God as I am. Those of us in spirit-filled children’s ministry have a front row view to the supernatural operating through children around the world. One such children’s pastor is 25 year veteran Beryl Voorhoeve, from the Netherlands.

Many Christians have become comfortable with knowing children can prophecy and even heal the sick. But what about casting out demons? This is something most adults shy away from. The very thought of training children to do this […]

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A Season of Suddenlies!

A Season of Suddenlies! 100 Days of Redefinement Prophetic Word
There’s a new video criss-crossing the internet by John Kilpatrick, former pastor during the Brownsville Revival called “100 Days of Redefinement Prophetic Word.” It is a time sensitive word that began March 1, 2014 and will end June 9th. So there’s only two months to go.

In this message, there are two key words used repeatedly: “redefinement” and “suddenlies.” (See the prophecy at the bottom of this page.) What captured my attention for this ministry is our motto has from the beginning in Kids in Ministry International has been “Redefining Children’s Ministry in […]

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Six-year-old Boy Healing the sick

I just have to share an exciting testimony that came in to our office this week. It’s from a church in Pennsylvania about a little boy named Joey, who was six years old, and healing the sick. His mother gave a testimony before the church about her son and someone transcribed it and sent it to us. According to the church leader who sent us the testimony, his mom and grandmother have been teaching from our preschool curriculum (Preschoolers in His Presence) for over a year now. What you need to know about our preschool curriculum is that we […]

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Do Your Kids Complain of “Monsters in My Closet”?

Did this ever happen to your children? If so what did you do about it?
“Monsters in my Closet” Experiences Are More Widespread than You Think
This is actually a much more widespread problem than some might assume. One RN wrote me and said, ” Sleep terrors (aka known as Parasomnias) are a disturbance in the sleep pattern especially during and after REM sleep. They are frightening to watch and usually the child will have no memories of these by morning. Most children will out grow these.” However if you read some the experiences people posted on my Facebook page, they did not grow […]

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How to Raise a Pagan Kid in a Christian Home

I recently read an article by Barrett Johnson that challenged me greatly. It was titled, “How to Raise a Pagan Kid in a Christian Home.” He began his article by saying we are teaching the wrong things to our kids because we are confused about what our objectives ought to be as Christian parents and leaders. We are tremendously influenced by our culture even as Christians.

His comments were spurred by something he heard Phil Vischer, creator of the Veggie Tales series say. After ten years of writing Veggie Tales, Phil had a revelation that he had actually not been teaching kids Christianity […]

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