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Imitation Praise

It always amazes me how many people criticize young children when they see pictures of them worshiping God with their whole hearts. “It’s not real! They don’t know what they are doing. Make them stop! They are just imitating the adults around them,” they argue. Are they right? Let’s see…


LONG LIVE THE KING.....TO BE! Yes, the darling little British King-to-Be was born today! How we Americans love to watch what happens to the royal family. I'm no different. Then I heard a news caster say, "He knows his destiny," meaning the baby of course. I thought, "Yes! How true!" There…

The Creation Story is Just an Allegory!

Anything that affects children being able to connect with God affects this ministry. Anything that affects children developing a biblical worldview, which ultimately affects their connection with God, affects this ministry. Therefore, we find ourselves engaging in conversations that most children’s ministries avoid. One of those conversations, concerns creationism and…
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