What people think of Kids in Ministry Products

 HGV front cover.smallI have been teaching for several weeks now on Hearing God’s Voice.  It was such a blessing to hear my pastor get up in the pulpit and testify that he was awakened by his seven year old daughter . He said she came into his room in the middle of the night and felt led to pray for her father.  Even my own son told me how the Holy Spirit has spoken to Him about things before they actually happened.  Praise God for how He speaks to the children!

PC training frontAn exciting thing happened in our Power Club Khatla where two brothers and one sister attend. Their father was cancer patient he had operation too. Once or twice we pray for healing, so last Saturday they went for check up the doctor told him there was not found and cancer cell in his body. Now the whole family has given their lives to Jesus, Praise the Lord.

And God Said coverWe watched “And God Said” this last Sunday with our elementary class. We taught the kids to prophecy and how to interpret the meanings of Animals & Colors. Then we practiced how to do it. Then we set our kids loose on the teachers. We prayed then the kids hands shot up to share what they saw.  It was so exciting. I couldn’t believe how the kids got words for them that I knew were right on.