Alyssa Crane

Kids in Ministry International Alyssa Crane

SSCM Graduate

SSCM sessions have revolutionized our children’s church and our church as a whole.  As I went through them I brought the main points to our church staff and it has touched each of their hearts. We as a church have always placed importance on the children but this has given us new insight, passion, zeal, and insight as to what exactly we should be focusing on. Since taking your course, some of our children have had visions, been baptized in the spirit, spoken prophetic words, heard the voice of God, dreamed prophetic dreams, and so much more! I have seen out children who were under demonic influences be set free and then have seen them weep under the power of the Holy Ghost. We have slowly begun to integrate your teachings into the way we chose to run our classrooms. It has made all the difference.