What Are Kids Capable of?

What Are Kids Capable of?


Passion in life begins early.

I’m continuously amazed at the unbelievable talent and skills of kids these days. Just do a simple search on YouTube and it’s filled with videos of kids who are supreme singers, dancers, athletes, and so much more. I sit in awe at the level of proficiency many of them achieve, many times, with no coaching—just talents they pursued and conquered.

Why is it in the Church we can’t picture them as spiritually gifted and talented? We push them down in the basement to watch Veggie Tales video while upstairs we’re teaching adults to hear God’s voice, heal the sick, win the lost, pray, and more. We’re the first to applaud kids on YouTube for their abilities, and the last to get a clue that maybe these same kids could rise to amazing spiritual heights if we would just take them seriously.

What do you think it means when the Bible says, “Train up a child?” What are we supposed to train them for—making the bed, feeding the dog, taking a paper route….? Let’s pass our faith on to the next generation, and seriously coach them for a supernatural walk with God while grounding them deeply in God’s Word. Your thoughts?





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