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Although PowerClubs operate independently of Kids in Ministry International and are connected only by voluntary relationship, there are certain criteria that is necessary in order to be one of the official KIMI PowerClubs. They are:

1. Potential leaders are trained through the KIMI PowerClub Training Course. They receive a certificate of completion as verification of their training.

2.  All PowerClubs are asked to use the KIMI Curriculums or any of  the curriculums from other publishers that are sold on our website. We sell curriculums from other writers who have the same or similar philosophies of equipping children and bringing them into the supernatural lifestyle of Christ.  View them in our web store by clicking here. More will be added in the future to allow for a wide variety of approved materials.

3. All KIMI PowerClub leaders pledge to adhere to KIMI’s three Core Values of giving children the meat of God’s word, equipping them for the believer’s work of the ministry, and providing regular opportunities for them to encounter the presence of God. More details on the core values can be seen by clicking here.

4. KIMI PowerClub leaders are asked to follow the full Tabernacle Pattern of Ministry in their meetings as described on this page (click here) as often as it is possible. However, it requires a time frame of almost two hours to go through the whole Pattern. Most churches do not have that much time on Sunday mornings, so we simply ask they incorporate as much as they can.

*The most important criteria to be a PowerClub is to incorporate the three core values, and use approved curriculums only, of which we have a very wide variety.