Training Conferences for Children & Adults

What We Do at Kids in Ministry International

Becky is available to speak at your events and conferences of your choosing. But if you are looking for ideas of what she offers, you may consider the following options:

1.  Redefining Children’s Ministry Weekends: A quick start for children’s ministry volunteers and leaders to teach them how to redirect their children’s ministry to bring their children into a deeper relationship with God.

2. Revolutionary Parenting Weekends: Guiding parents to help them know how to properly raise their children to be devoted, passionate followers of Christ at home. They learn to become the primary spiritual trainers of their children.

3. Unique Conferences for Kids & Their Families: Dynamic conferences for the whole family to encounter God’s Word and His presence as a family. Different themes are offered each year.

Below each of these events are described in more detail. If you would be interested in scheduling Becky Fischer for one or more of these events, download this Ministry Request Form and send it to Kids in Ministry International via mail or email.

Redefining Children’s Ministry Weekends

adult conferencesThis is a Friday night (Friday is optional), and all day Saturday training your children’s ministry volunteers on how to revolutionized your church’s children’s ministry department. It ends on Sunday morning with a message to the parents in the adult service. We take an in-depth look at traditional programs, what is working and what is not working, and why.

We discuss what it takes to make an effective, spirit-led, ministry that causes children to walk in the power of God. Our purpose is to change the direction from Bible stories alone to teaching your team to actually disciple children into an active role as followers of Christ. The weekend is based on Becky Fischer’s cutting edge book called Redefining Children’s Ministry in the 21st Century. Invite Becky to train your children’s ministry leaders by clicking here.

Typical Topics covered in a Redefining weekend:

Evaluating the Church and Her Children
I Hate Sunday School-It’s So Boring
What to Teach Children and Why
True Mentoring & Discipling
The Tabernacle Pattern of Ministry
Altar Services as an Art Form
Preschoolers, Babies, and God
The Joshua Factor


Revolutionary Parenting Weekends

KOL Conference Day 1 101Friday night (Friday is optional), all day Saturday, and Sunday morning focusing what Christian parents can do to become the primary spiritual disciplers of their children. Parenting is hard work with no guarantees. But for Christian parents there is no obligation that has greater significance than parenting.  The responsibility for raising spiritual champions, according to the Bible, belongs to parents. The spiritual nurture of children is supposed to take place in the home. The church at best can only be their partner. How can parents and the church work together to radical change today’s children and youth into engaged, committed, spiritual champions? These sessions offer biblical principles and concept for families to blend into their individual family culture. Invite Becky to train your church parents by clicking here.

Typical Topics covered in a Revolutionary Parenting weekend:

1. Revolutionary Parenting
2. How to Raise a Spiritual Champion
3. What Christian Parents Can Learn from Muslims & Jews
4. Creating a Biblical Worldview in Your Children
5. The Master Plan for Churches & Parents
6. Generational Destiny
7. The Joshua Factor


Unique Conferences for Kids & Their Families

becky priest.smallWe believe there are times when children and parents need to learn and worship together in an atmosphere mixed with fun yet bathed in the presence of the Holy Spirit. Our two-day family conferences are completely unique. Parents must attend with their children. They need to see their children responding to the anointing of God and learning truths normally considered too deep for kids.

These conferences dig deep into the word of God, and teach kids significant doctrine loaded with creative, inspiring visuals and object lessons that help them learn adult principles on their level. Yet parents tell us regularly learn as much as the children do. We do a different theme every year. Invite Becky to conduct one of these family conferences in your church by clicking here.

Past Conference Themes Have Included:

In Search of the Glory (Click here to see pictures)
And God Said (Click here to see pictures)
The Kingdom of Light (Click here to see pictures)
Changing the world through Prayer (Click here to see pictures)
Kids Blessing Abraham (Click here to see pictures)


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