Skin Disease Was Healed!

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Look at this gorgeous little Filipino face! I recently received her testimony form on of our PowerClub leaders there. Venus wrote, “This little girl was sick and had a skin disease, skin rashes she even had her hard time sleep for the pain keep on bothering her. I prayed for her.

Today during our session I ask her how was she

She’d show me her wide wide close up smile testifying in front of her mama and papa that the LORD told her after that prayer that she will be healed. Now she’s very healthy and having her good time attending PowerClub. I am full of joy when I see their parents watching her testifying the goodness of God. The father is not yet a Christian.”

God is good all the time. PowerClubs teach children how to heal the sick themselves too.

See more on how to teach children to heal the sick. One kids minister, Jessica Berry, recently told us about the impact of the Jesus Our Healer curriculum, “We had earth shaking events take place. Healings galore during that one!”

Curriculum here:


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