85 SSCM Grads – Largest Class Ever!

Kids in Ministry International 85 SSCM Grads – Largest Class Ever!

SMALL.Dawn-Palmer It has taken years to create the School of Supernatural Children’s Ministry, then refine it and make it easily available to people all over the world. While SSCM is a 45 hour course, a second smaller 17 hour course within it called the PowerClub Training Course, has also been made available. Although courses can be purchased on DVD or as MP4 downloads or as online courses, every KIMI director, whether State-side or international, is asked to take others through one of these two courses.

85 SSCM Graduates in 2015!

Every year we have a graduation ceremony in the fall to celebrate those who have successfully passed their exams. This year was our largest graduating class ever, with Live-grads85 people successfully completing the course. They were from the United States, Germany, Australia, the Philippines, Zambia, India, Romania, Botswana, and England.

In addition we celebrated many brand new PowerClub graduates that came to us from Pakistan, Guatemala, Tanzania, and Argentina. That is ten nations, eight of which we have never had any students before. Hallelujah! What’ even greater is that many of these people are now motivated to go out and train others what they have learned because it’s been so life-impacting!

In Person Grads and Live Streaming Grads

Because of the obvious expense of attending the actual graduation ceremony and conference, only a few of the graduates are able to come in person. To  accommodate the others, we stream the event live over the internet, so the remaining graduates can watch the event and see their names and pictures and see us praying over them. Our vision is to have trained representatives and leaders in every nation on earth! Psalms 2:8 says, “Ask of Me, and I will give You The nations for Your inheritance, And the ends of the earth for Your possession.” So we are asking and expecting!


(Here some of the KIMI Directors are laying hands and praying over the certificates of those who could not attend in person.)