Charlie, Charlie Are You Filling a Void?


I have said for years that kids, by God’s design, are hungry for the supernatural, and they can find it everywhere but in our churches. It’s no wonder crazy, dangerous games like Charlie, Charlie and Splender Man become so popular. Our kids are hearing voices that they don’t realize the source. There is a void in our churches when it’ comes to kids and the supernatural. And where there is a vacuum,  something will move in and fill it. Learn about one of the biggest spiritual vacuums in our kids’ lives. Click here.

Does Bruce/Caitlyn Attend Your Children’s Ministry?

disorder-webBruce/Caitlyn Jenner did not start having an identity crises as a 60 year old man. It started, by his own confession, when he was a boy. How are we as parents, children’s ministers, or church leaders, to respond in today’s culture where the Bruce/Caitlyns are becoming not just normalized but celebrated, and young children are being allowed to choose their own gender at tender ages? We need to understand that gender identity issues do not begin in the teens, or adulthood. It has its roots in childhood. How do we respond when children start attending our ministries who clearly have gender identity issues? Learn more here.


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