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Should Christians celebrate Halloween?  Now, that’ll cause the sparks to fly between those who say yes and those who say no!

Well, a few years ago God gave me an idea that completely flips Halloween on its head and showed me how to have a real Christian Halloween – and i don’t mean another kind of harvest party!

If you’re curious, keep watching!

Should Christians celebrate Halloween?  Well, I’m about to share some cool ideas With you that the Lord showed me.

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Now, really in my mind—this is a part of a much bigger discussion about Christians and magic, witchcraft, casting spells, and all the rest in the genre of entertainment.

And the amazing lack of discernment and filters we have in the body of Christ about this.

I’ve talked a lot about that topic on Facebook and on my blog (which I have linked below if you are interested.)

The Church and Halloween

But, in this video, I want to specifically talk about Halloween.  I’ve participated in it all my whole life in one form or another – I went trick or treating as a kid, because, frankly, very few Christians back then were making a connection to it being anything other than a fun time.  Dressing up in costumes and having harvest parties where you dunked for apples.

Instead of dressing up as ghosts and witches, we Christians dressed up in Bible costumes—sort of a “sanitized,” “glorified,” acceptable version of celebrating Halloween, so our kids in churches didn’t miss out on the fun and candy.  So, we also handed out bags of candy to every child who came so we knew there were no razor blades hiding inside!

Most churches still do this today, and really, that’s fine.  I applaud the churches who use the night as an evangelistic outreach or provide a safe place for kids and families to go on that night in an increasingly unsafe world.  There’s nothing wicked about this.  It’s really a great opportunity for families to do something together.

But it was actually further into my adulthood that I personally became convicted about it.  And I think, looking back, it was in connection to seeing a rise in the occult and magic and witchcraft related things in our culture.  The more I read and studied, the more I had a problem with the holiday itself.  And I reached a point where i just couldn’t do it anymore.

So, for a few years, I hid down in my basement with my lights turned off so the trick or treaters wouldn’t come to my door —-(is that sort of like lying to my neighbors that I’m not home when I really am?)

Now, keep watching, because like I promised, I’m going to show you how to turn Halloween on its head and give you some actual tools to help you do it too and make this a night that is glorifying to Christ!

Pagan Roots?

So, a lot of Christians don’t celebrate it because of its roots in witchcraft.  I get it!  I’ve done my homework on this, but that “roots” thing a slippery slope too.  Because then we’d have to quit celebrating Christmas, stop putting up the Christmas trees because of the historical connections to paganism.

But how technical do you want to get on this issue of “roots,” anyway?  Did you know the days of the week that we use were named after Greek gods like Zeus and Aphrodite?  So, are we going to quit using the names we know and invent our own names?  Go ahead and try, but it won’t go anywhere.  We’re stuck with it.

You can look it up for yourself because I have it linked below.

In addition to that, you might be shocked to know the steeples on our beautiful churches, the platforms our preachers stand on to elevate themselves above the crowd, even the choirs in the choir loft all have their origins to pagan worship that dates back to the Roman emperor Constantine, who worshipped the sun.

Now, supposedly, he had a conversion experience, to Christ, but he never stopped worshiping the sun!  But we remember him because he made Christianity legal.  When he did, he forced some of the elements of pagan worship onto the church, and the church was so happy to not have to fear for their lives anymore, they just went along with it. And it changed how Christians worshiped forever.

So, roots can be a very slippery slope as a reason to avoid things.  That’s why for me—that’s no longer a consideration.

A New Idea

So, a few years ago I was inspired by a friend of mine who began decorating her house with bright Christmas lights and started serving chili and hot chocolate milk to all the trick or treaters.  She and her family with handed out evangelistic tracts and offered to pray for people who wanted it.  And that got me to thinking.

Suddenly, I had an epiphany…why not turn Halloween on its head?  Why not shatter the darkness and light up the night with the truth of the gospel?

Halloween is all about demons and witches and death etc., so why not make signs and posters and put them all over my yard that confronted the lies of those things?

For instance, what does the Bible have to say about demons?  It says they tremble at the name of Jesus!  Yeah!!!!

Now there’s the reality that needs to be shouted on that night!  What about magic and casting spells?  We know that none of that has any power against the name of Jesus!  So, say so!  Let your neighborhood kids know the truth!  There’s something more powerful than magic and casting spells on people!

The more posters I made, the more ideas I had.  Like this one about ghosts— (actually I saw someone else post this one on Facebook), but I made a sign that says, “the only ghost that lives here is the Holy Ghost!”

Yes, some of my neighbors think I’m crazy.  Others tolerate me.  The lady across the street, who’s very friendly the rest of the year, won’t bring her grandchild to my house for candy, and that’s ok!  I get it!  I’m extreme, I know!

Christian Kids & Halloween

But this is what bothers me so much about this kind of stuff—not even our Christian church kids are being taught what the Bible says about all this stuff.  And they are reading all the same magic books and going to the same occultic, kid-friendly movies that celebrate putting curses on people for noble and righteous reasons and talking to the dead.  And they have no clue that a Major part of the Old Testament was a war between God and the idol worshipers, who all participated in witchcraft in one form or another.

Here’s one of my favorite posters.  Vampires have risen to great popularity in the last few years.  And even though the word vampire does not appear in scripture, drinking and eating blood does!  So, I made this poster!  “Sorry vampires!  The real power is in the blood of Jesus!”

Here’s another of my favs.  “No monsters in my house tonight!  Go, in the name of Jesus!” (Now that dates me a bit, going back to the days of the gospel singer Carmen!  Whatever!  It still applies today.)

The very first year I decorated my house like this, a little boy about nine or ten came walking up my sidewalk, and you could see he was reading all the signs.  And I heard him saying, “Wow!  A Christian Halloween!”

Yup!  A true Christian Halloween, where we confront the lies of the enemy on the one night he claims as his own, and we shatter the darkness with the truth of God’s Word.

And on every one of our posters, I made sure to put Jesus in the picture so the kids would make the connection.

Now be sure to watch all the way to the end because I’m going to give you three of these posters as free downloads.

An Offer for You

Then, if you want all 22 these professionally done ones, I have them linked below.  Otherwise, feel free to take my ideas and make your own version of them.

Oh – but just a side issue –if you do decide to buy the entire set, please note that all the proceeds go to help us reach children in the nations with the supernatural Gospel.

We are in 25 different countries helping train Kids ministers and children through our materials—just saying.  The money does go for a good cause, not just to line my pockets.  Actually, I don’t get any of it!  And we’re a non-profit 501c3.

Oh yeah—I also use a Bluetooth speaker and play some great kid-friendly Christian music in my yard to set a joyful atmosphere as the families come to my door.  Then I print small versions of my posters and put one of each and every candy bag, so the kids will remember the messages they saw at my house.

(By the way, you get these small versions as a part of the downloads when you purchase the full set of 22 posters.  As does a big 8 ft banner to put on your house.)

So, I promised I would give you 3 of these posters for free.  And here’s how to get them.  Email me, Becky Fischer, at kidsinministry@yahoo.com.  And say, “I watched your video on the Christian Halloween.  May i please have the 3 free posters you mentioned?”  That’s all you have to do, and we will email you back within 24 hours with the downloads.

So, i hoped you enjoyed this video, and thanks or watching.  I’d love to know what you think so be sure to leave a comment, then click the like button, and hit subscribe button, too, and the little gray notification bell next to it, so every time I post a new video you will get an email letting you know it’s there.

Until next week, God bless and go shatter the darkness this Halloween and light up the night with the truth of the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ!

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