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The controversy lives on! After decades of time Christians are still debating whether or not they should participate in the dark holiday (second in popularity only to Christmas!)

do we let our kids go trick-or-treating? Do we hide in the basement and turn off all the lights? Should our church have an alternative “harvest party instead?” Every year we go round and round.

Well, here’s a terrific solution! Instead of hiding in the darkness, why not  LIGHT UP THE NIGHT THIS HALLOWEEN!  CONFRONT THE DARKNESS head on with the amazing colorful, downloadable posters that are all about JESUS! Every design has a picture of Jesus on it!

Extend love and joy on this dark night and use it as an opportunity to share the good news of Jesus!

I’ve written extensively about this on my blog over the years. You can find my article here: https://kidsinministry.org/shine-your-light-on-halloween/ and another one here: https://kidsinministry.org/choose-life-not-death/

Most of the twenty-two posters are 11 x 17 inches in size, and can be easily and economically printed at any office supply store. One poster is 22 x 28, and there is a banner size that can be printed up to 8 x 3 feet in size.

You may want to laminate them. Then attach them to your house, a tree, a fence, or little sticks of wood and place around your yard.


Outdo the dark sinister lighting and decorations of your neighbors, and be the brightest, shiniest house on the block! Decorate your house in beautiful lights. Play awesome Christ centered music outside (don’t disturb your neighbors) give away the biggest candy bars and let the light of Jesus shine through you to bless the little ones that come to your door. Consider giving away hot chocolate to your visitors to bless them! The yard signs and posters will speak for themselves.


One person who decorated their house with these posters said a little boy about ten walked slowly up to the door for his treats saying, “Wow! A Christian Halloween!” They will notice there is something different about your house. Get ready to share truth, without preaching!

WHAT IF WE MADE OCT 31 THE BIGGEST NIGHT OF EVANGELISM ALL YEAR LONG!!! We could call it the “Every House Evangelism Project!”


You might even offer to pray for your visitors and give them a prophetic word of encouragement. You never know how you will be able to shine a little light in their darkness on this night. But make it a Christ-centered night! One of your posters says, “Can we pray for you? Jesus Answers prayer!” Being the light in the darkness is how you LIGHT UP THE NIGHT on Oct 31.

Hang these posters in your children’s ministry rooms or in your child’s bedroom. Decorate your church for Harvest parties or Trunk or Treat events. Use them to open up conversations about what the Bible says on these subjects.

Here’s some more ideas that we as Christians to do to reverse the curse on this popular night: https://kidsinministry.org/halloween/

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