A Gooey Gospel with Shallow Salvations?

Kids in Ministry International News & Views A Gooey Gospel with Shallow Salvations?

Have we been too quick to get people, including kids, saved?

Now, before you start throwing tomatoes at me consider this. In the 1700 and 1800s when an unbeliever went to revival meetings, at the end of the service they were told anyone interested in becoming a Christian, go to the “inquiry room.” It was there it was explained what it meant to be a follower of Christ—repenting and turning from our sins, laying down our lives for the gospel, forsaking all to put Christ first, etc. In many cases, they were then sent home to think about it and decide if that’s the decision they want to make and return with their answer.

Consider altar calls, for most unbelievers, but especially for children, which will normally entail, forgiveness of sins, but seldom an explanation of repentance (turning and going another way.) They’re told they can go to heaven when they die, receive the gift of eternal life, avoid hell, live with Jesus forever—all the good stuff—but no mention of the cost of following Jesus, choosing Christ above everything else, dying to self, and more.

I am not saying let’s stop getting kids (people) saved. I’m just thinking out loud have we given out a gooey gospel resulting in shallow salvations? After all, there really is no such thing in the Bible as a sinner’s prayer. You get saved by confessing with your mouth what you believe in your heart.

Are we looking for numbers of souls saved, vs lives transformed? When your children got saved, did you see a transformation of heart and spirit in them? How was salvation presented to your children?

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