KIMI Cameroon
Fon Mensah

Fon Mensah, husband and father of three, was born again in 2001; he was called into children’s ministry by the Lord in 2002, where he began serving in his local church. By 2003, he heard the Lord also calling him to raise up teenagers and empower them for missions. Since then, three times a year, he has taken them out, trained them, and released them for ministry.

He had been trained through Child Evangelism Fellowship (C.E.F.) but was hungry to go deeper in children’s ministry. Fon first learned about Kids in Ministry International through an internet search in his war-torn country of Cameroon. He immediately began taking classes for the School of Supernatural Children’s Ministry and graduated in 2016.

He testified, “SSCM is something very, very different from what I have already received from the other ministries. I have learned so many new things, and by the time I am done, my ministry will be on fire for Jesus.

I thank Kids in Ministry so much for this opportunity given to me to get this training. It has totally changed my vision for children’s ministry, and as I continue my learning process, the Holy Spirit is laying so much in my heart to do. First to carry this KIMI to all the local churches in my community. Even though most of their teachers have received training from C.E.F, that will not stop nor discourage me. It is like I am pregnant and waiting when I am done to give birth.”

Fon continued, “I love being part of KIMI because it provides opportunities for children to deepen their relationship with God, learn about their faith, and develop spiritual gifts by walking the supernatural power of God from young ages. This can be appealing for families or churches and individuals who prioritize spiritual growth and want to see children actively engaged in their faith.”

Fon has been working with Kids in Ministry for ten years as of 2023.