Daina Vekmane, a wife of over 25 years and mother of two children from Ventspils, Latvia, was the children`s pastor in her church when she discovered Kids in Ministry International. She immediately graduated from our School of Supernatural Children’s Ministry.

Afterward, she began using our curriculums with great success and excitedly began translating many of our KIMI books and curriculums into the Latvian language without being asked. She also began to share what she had learned with many of her colleagues. When we discovered this, we knew she was an excellent choice to become the director of KIMI Latvia, with a heart to mentor those in Lithuania and Estonia as well. You can find all of her translations here in our international online Store: https://buff.ly/48T4Fe8

Much has happened in the world and in Latvia since the Covid-19 pandemic. During that time, her father, who was the pastor of their church, Evangelical Faith Christian Church “Spring Of Life,” retired and set Daina in as his replacement. She is now the lead pastor. Daina shared that for over two years, it was against the law for anyone under the age of 18 to attend church of any kind. So, this has greatly hindered the work of children’s ministry in the Baltic states. They only recently began children’s ministries there again in 2023, and they are basically starting over from scratch all over the nation.

Daina shared that she strongly agrees with KIMI Core Values and Statement of Faith. She said, “These were the values that led me to Kids in Ministry International.” She believes that God has given her the mandate to make Jesus Christ known to all people, young and old.

“I long to see kids who are confident in their relationship with God as their Lord and Savior. I desire to see kids who know God`s voice better than their parent`s voice. I want them to be confident doers of the Word and to operate in the supernatural so naturally that it becomes their main nature. I desire to see Joel 2:28-32- His Spirit to be poured out upon all flesh, including kids, and for children to become the habitation of His glory.”

She also graduated from the Latvian Christian Ministry School. Then, in 2009, she graduated from the World Harvest Bible Training Center and completed additional courses to become a Rhema UK & Ireland graduate.

Her testimony is, “When the “Iron Curtain” fell in the Soviet Union, my parents started to attend church. I asked Jesus Christ to be my Lord and Savior during one of those meetings. I was nine years old at that time. Since that day, I felt a change inside of me. I thought my parents had changed, but actually, it was me who was transformed into a new creation.”

“I got water baptized by immersion into the water soon after my conversation. Baptism in the Holy Spirit, with the evidence of speaking in tongues, came on the same day. I don’t really have a dramatic story to tell about baptism in the Holy Spirit. The preacher asked if we wanted the free gift of the Holy Spirit. I said: “Yes!” I had no idea who the Holy Spirit was. Everybody started to pray. I noticed a young boy praying in tongues right beside me. I said to myself: “If he can speak in tongues, I can, too!” Right then, I opened my mouth and spoke in tongues.

You can contact Daina at dainavekmane@gmail.com or on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/kimilatvia.