KIMI Polynesia
KIMI Polynesia

Thanks to an incredible God connection, we were able to form a great partnership with a veteran missionary with the Assemblies of God World Missions, Mark Gardner and his wife Kim. They have been missionaries since 1995 serving 7 years in Angola before moving to Namibia in 2007. In 2018, they accepted reassignment by joining the AGWM team in Polynesia.

In Mark’s words, “I had been shaped in KIMI values for over a decade before I took KIMI’s School of Supernatural Children’s Ministry. I had already been traveling in the same direction, but now after the training, I can take a whole lot more people with me. 

KIMI Polynesia

SSCM Filled in So Many Holes for Me

Mark testified, “Taking the School of Supernatural Children’s Ministry in 2018 filled so many holes in my bank of knowledge that I should know about children’s ministry, both in basic applications such as child protection policies, in history of children’s ministry (such as the rise and fall of Sunday School Empire), and even in things that used to be fringe but now are mainstream ministry concepts (such as ministering to autistic children). I highly recommend these lessons and this course to all of the influencers that I have been in touch with.”

“Our vision, like KIMI’s, is to bring kids into an encounter with the Holy Spirit so that they can know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, and being thus empowered can minister to others. KIMI and its SSCM are helping us to realize this vision not just on a local island level, but on a regional, international level.”

KIMI Polynesia

Spreading the Vision of Supernatural Kid’s Ministry

Once Mark and Kim relocated to the Fiji Islands, he immediately began training the children’s ministry leaders there in the School of Supernatural Children’s Ministry. His impact and vision there has been impressive. In a very short time, he has already trained many of their top ministry leaders and has created a unique multi-tier system where each graduate is required to train other leaders under them which means exponential growth.

Regional Director of the School of SSCM

Because of his tireless work in the islands Mark was asked if he would be the Regional Director of the School of Supernatural Children’s Ministry in the Polynesian islands. (This includes the islands of Fiji, Tonga, American Samoa, Samoa [Western Samoa], Tuvalu, Tokelau, Niue, and Cook Islands.) We are very excited to see what is going to happen there in the lives of the children and teens.

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