Oleg & Sveta Melikhova with Becky
Oleg & Sveta Melikhova with Becky

In 2017, Svetlana Melikhova graduated from our School of Supernatural Children’s Ministry after reading my book Redefining Children’s Ministry in the 21st Century. She told me: “When my husband and I read your book Redefining Children Ministry maybe we understood half of it, but we were completely changed in our thinking of all our children’s work!

We have been children’s pastors from the beginning of our church and were going to missions to other countries doing camps for our church kids every year and so on.  But it was deep sorrow that we lost many kids’ souls in past years because we were not trying to teach kids to have a personal relationship with God. We’ve now got the vision to bring kids into the presence of God. We’ll be serious about faith. And we’ll teach them everything we have to equip them. When we met with our team and told them what we’d read in the book, our team got the vision, too.”

From this point, Sveta went into “Operation Translation” mode and, without any encouragement from me, began enthusiastically translating as many of my curriculum and books as possible into Russia. At first, it was simply to provide the lessons for her kids’ ministry team in their language. But over the years, it has been necessary to fuel the dozens of Russians who have requested our materials.

Russian Power Kids

So far, Sveta has translated Eight KIMI curriculums and the Redefining book. In addition to this, Sveta has begun translating the School of Supernatural Children’s Ministry into Russian by taking my notes and creating her own SSCM training videos. As of right now, Sveta has trained over 64 kids ministers in SSCM Level One, and 29 in SSCM Level Two. Level three is still being translated. You can find her translation work here on our website:

The Russian graduates live in all parts of the world: Canada, Israel, Germany, Kazakhstan, Estonia, Russia, Ecuador, and more places. The majority have started KIMI Powerclubs where they live and are using our Russian curriculums. One such leader is Natalia Kovalenko. Here is her testimony:

Natalia Kovalenko, a native Russian, is now a children’s minister from Ecuador. She says, “I’m in KIMI’s team with Sveta and Oleg Melikhov. I passed the 1st and 2nd levels on preparing a new vision for the children’s ministry of the 21st century. Here in Ecuador, we have many evangelical churches of different denominations and most of them have Sunday services for children in the old-fashioned way.

Power Club De Samueles De Ecuador

After seeing the fruit of Sveta’s ministry, it was only natural that I asked her to be our official director of Kids in Ministry Russia in 2018. She quickly said yes, and she continues to be incredibly influential in her nation. We are very proud of Sveta and what she has accomplished. It has been a privilege to receive her on our international team of leaders. Spread the news to all of your Russian-speaking friends of what we have available for them. If you want to contact Sveta, you can reach her at Светлана Мелихова at She can also be found on Facebook.

“Since February 2021, I have started KIMI’s ministry in Ecuador on Zoom online. I had a small team, but we organized the service not on the platform of the church but as if outside the church. There were many people. This 2022 season lasted until the end of July; we met every Saturday from 10 to 11 am. During this time, we have worked through all the material on the curriculum “Hearing God’s Voice and later Our Amazing God.”

KIMI Russia; She said YES!