KIMI Zambia
KIMI Zambia

Northern Zambia

KIMI Zambia was originally founded by Danish Missionary Malene Vejnø Andersen in 2014. She did a tremendous job of establishing the KIMI vision there and training many leaders. Due to health reasons, she and her family moved back to Denmark, and since that time, we have had several dedicated leaders rise up to fill the void.

Husband and wife team David and Eva Kibinda, from Kasempa, Northern, Zambia, and have trained leaders from Zambia, Angola, the DRC Congo, Malawi, and more. When Eva first attended a Powerclub training and heard that children could heal the sick and hear god’s voice, she was extremely skeptical. She didn’t believe it. But she decided to try teaching the children with the curriculums we gave her with amazing results! Several children were healed in her PowerClub services. Finally, when her oldest son got bone cancer, the doctor said he needed to have his leg amputated. But her youngest son prayed for him, and he was totally healed! He has never had to have the operation.

This set Eva and David on fire, and they have passionately gone to as many places as possible to train others in this new way of thinking about children’s ministry. Here are just a few of the testimonies that have happened in their PowerClubs.

Eva told us: “In 2020, the year of COVID-19, we were having home Power Clubs. We had a man who died for about 9 hours, then the wife called us for prayers. I and my group of kids went there and the kids prayed. One of the little girls, who was 6 years old, smelled life in the dead body. She then commanded the dead and the dead man to come back to life….. We left the place, and then I visited the man in the morning the following day. I found him sitting on the chair. I was surprised. I called him, and he replied. I only said praise the Lord. The date was September 3. We prayed on September 4, and I visited him. The man is now working in one of the mines in Zambia.”

“We also had the miracle of the girl who could not talk for many years. But after praying for her, she started talking; she and her whole family believed in the blood of Jesus Christ; from the time Martha started talking, her family was in the body of Christ.”

Southern Zambia

KIMI Zambian SSCM Grad

Another amazing KIMI leader lives in Livingstone, southern Zambia. Liezel Pienaar, a missionary from South Africa and a leader in Overland Missions, has faithfully led a Powerclub of almost 300 children and teens. The teens have been raised to become leaders of the PowerClubs. They are also being sent out on evangelistic mission trips and come home with impressive testimonies of people being saved, filled, delivered, and healed. She also trains many Zambians in her region to start PowerClubs.

Liezl graduated from SSCM through our online course. At the time she was hungry for the Holy Spirit to move, and a friend told her about the Kids in Ministry International. She checked it out and did the school. Later, she invited our first director, Malene Anderson, and her team to do a training in Livingstone. She also attended another one in Ndola. So she is triple-certified! LOL!

Two of Liezl’s four children are in the process of joining Overland Missions. The other two are still in school but participate in Kids on Fire.

Liezl shared, “Not only do I have a PowerClub in Livingstone, but we have many kids groups within Overland in several countries whose teachers have been trained using a combination of your Level 1 and evangelism training. Currently, we are ministering weekly to more than 5,000 children in at least six countries, and we expect it to grow even more.

She continued, “I no longer have time to train outside of Overland Missions, so currently, I only focus on training indigenous leaders that work with Overland. I have three Zambian trainers that help with that. They’ve traveled to Zanzibar, DR Congo, and other parts of Zambia. Our kid’s groups are currently in Zambia’s Southern, Western, North-Western, and Eastern provinces. Also, DR Congo, Zanzibar, Brazil, Malawi, Cambodia, and more. Not all are running exactly like PowerClubs, but that’s the extent of the ministry. It would take me some time to figure out how many individual clubs we have. I would say it could be around 30 or so, maybe more.”

Liezl commented on one of her favorite testimonies, which took place about eight years ago. She said, “We had our first meeting under a tree in our yard. Twenty-seven kids attended, and all 27 kids accepted Jesus that day! That was the beginning of a journey (that many joined) of seeing these kids eat the meat of the word, become equipped for ministry, and spend time in the presence of God. Our first kid, who graduated high school and is now a full-time missionary with Overland and is one of the kids who attended that first meeting and gave her life to Jesus back then! She won’t be the last, either!

The video below is just one of the mission trips that have been full of impact.

KIMI Zambia

This is a collection of photos from both Eva and Liezl.