See what our variety of friends say about Becky Fischer, Kids in Ministry International and the School of Supernatural Children’s Ministry.

Becky Fischer speaks with authority into the lives of a new generation of children and youth.

While she is an incredible apostolic mother to the emerging generation of children, her message is for all generations. She is one of the leading voices for training the next generation to know the Bible as more than a history book as she also to teaches them to do signs and wonders today like they did in the book of Acts. The coming revival will be an intergenerational move of God. Becky reminds us we cannot forget to bring the children with us.
Wes & Stacey Campbell –

I love and appreciate Becky Fischer and her heart for children.

We were blessed to have Becky as the children’s pastor to our XP Church online for two years, reaching families around the world. We were impressed to see the depth of teaching she provided to the children and fully back her in what she is contributing to the world of children’s ministry by teaching the strong meat of the word and bringing kids into signs and wonders. We respect and honor her deeply.
Patricia King –
Patricia King Ministry

Becky is writing some of the greatest groundbreaking material about children today.

Her passion and heart for children and her ability to communicate the importance of training children to do the work of the ministry is unparalleled. Her book, Redefining Children’s Ministry in the 21st Century, calls for a completely new way we should look at children’s ministry.

The best I have ever seen…

Becky Fischer’s material is the best I have ever seen, & I know what I am talking about. As a church planter and pastor for over 25 years of several churches in the US and underground churches in Iran I have tried many children’s materials for our children both for churches here and in the underground churches. When I say that Becky Fischer’s material is the best I have ever seen, I know what I am talking about. Her video teachings that we are broadcasting are useful and well-received. Now, I am praying for God’s wisdom as to how we can make this a part of underground and online churches to train parents and children.
Dr. Hormoz Shariat –

I have two bachelor’s degrees and two masters degrees in education and theology, yet I can earnestly say that Power Club training and the School of Supernatural Children’s Ministry training is some of the best I have ever experienced. If I could only use one word to describe SSCM it would be WOW!!! The information is timely, relevant, and a total game changer for impacting kids today and making a systemic change with power packed eternal ramifications. We will be updating our web site to implement the three core values as we have been headed that way for a good while now. We have educated those who minister to children. I need to do a better job connecting the dots for our parents. Becky, thanks pouring your life into this training to help future generation experience the presence of God personally! SSCM has given me more boldness to step out there and run this race with calm assurance that we hear His voice and respond to The Call with full abandonment. Love your heart Becky.
Sherry Chester –
SSCM Graduate

SSCM sessions have revolutionized our children’s church and our church as a whole.

As I went through them, I brought the main points to our church staff, and it has touched each of their hearts. We as a church have always placed importance on the children, but this has given us new insight, passion, zeal, and insight as to what exactly we should be focusing on. Since taking your course, some of our children have had visions, been baptized in the spirit, spoken prophetic words, heard the voice of God, dreamed prophetic dreams, and so much more! I have seen our children who were under demonic influences be set free and then have seen them weep under the power of the Holy Ghost. We have slowly begun to integrate your teachings into the way we choose to run our classrooms. It has made all the difference.
Alyssa Crane –
SSCM Graduate